Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Knowledge of the Cause and Effect of Fear

Free time is very rare for the last month due to job obligations. In times like this my occupation with music becomes twice as important and precious than normally. In addition, there is no interest at all to externalize
any thoughts or feelings.

5 ways to suffer...
Ras Algethi - Oneiricon - The White Hypnotic
Spear of Longinus - Domni Satnasi 
Bohemian Grove - Bohemian Grove
Osculum Infame - Quwm
Gevurahel - Un Obscuro Ego Celestial


Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Life inverted
Death inverted
Faith inverted

All is One
Come Holy Death

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


The pain of the loss of a beloved person can melt even the coldest of human hearts. This is a personal matter but I wanted it to remain posted here.
8/6/2010, 21:00
May your soul travel well my beloved woman.
Two coins to cover your eyes...the fare for the boatman.
Never to be forgotten...

Darkness has no boundaries

What follows is a brief report on the two records I've been listening the most, for the last few days. After the short break during which my inner part that is mostly human prevailed (an indication of this is the previews post) I returned to my usual antisocial and misanthropic form, which is my true nature.
As usual I tried to put to words the emotions that are being triggered when listening to a record. I find this a tough thing to do, especially when not using my mother tongue. I am not a music 'critic'. In fact I despise music critics. I believe that no one can judge a work of art, meaning that it is a creation that reflects the artist's emotions, pains, inner fears and demons...whatever. How can an outsider interfere in the thin line that connects the creator with his art, judging that this note is out of place here or that line shouldn't be on the canvas, is beyond me. Anyway, the web is full of self proclaimed critics that have something to say for everything. Of course the fact that 99% of them are lacking the basic knowledge and competency to even listen to music is a worthless detail in the fast food world of today's music. Here's some news for you, you fucking retards. Making a track by track description like 'the first track starts with the drums moving slowly until 1:47 when a fast riff changes the tempo blah blah blah' is not a fucking record review. All people are born with ears on the sides of their heads. The fact that they don't really use them doesn't mean that they need someone to write music in words instead of notes for them. And what the fuck? What moron listens to music having his eyes on the time counter? 
Enough with the stupidity...

Defuntos - Invocação aos Mortos 

  Lately I have acquired a great respect for Defuntos. This is their latest work and follows the footprints of their earlier records. Totally striped down yet full of sorrow. Don't be fooled, this has nothing to do with the moronic depressive or suicidal clowns.
This is a hymn to Death expressed with the most laconic of the possible ways. A bass, a drum kit, a tongue of death. Can't go wrong .

Watain - Lawless Darkness 

The pretentious parasites that dwell in the underground and feed on the unfortunate corpse of black metal have already started to talk bullshit about this record. Just like Funeral Mist's Maranatha, they are trying to reduce rare works of art to their subhuman level, yet they fail to comprehend the essence of art that is dark and of a pure primordial essence.
Works like Lawless Darkness are made for the ones that are able to confront art as a living experience. They are not made to be listened to. They are made to absorb the aware listener to a whirlwind, a chaotic maelstrom that will challenge his very sanity. After all this is why black metal is a religious experience. It is a case of dark emotions prevailing and dominating over any other mundane part that imprisons the spirit. 
On  a musical level this is one of rare cases of an album that is consisted of real songs (instead of 'tracks') that flow as  natural as a river. Let's say the river  Acheron. Follow it to it's journey to Hades. And  lest not forget that Bathory was black metal as much as Dissection and Mercyful Fate was. This record is a constant reminder of that fact. Watain are the Devil's emissaries to the forefront of today's extreme music. Succumb.