Sunday, 15 April 2012


You have been told that black metal is dead with no hope of delivering anything new, exciting and interesting.
You have been brainwashed, mostly by scribes of american origin and european late comers-indy kids, that black metal is nothing more than a music style, just like any other. Anyone can and has the right to mess with it, they said. 
You have witnessed a fair amount of downfalls and possibly uncountable disappointments.
You have been more than tolerant with clueless kinds and fucking imbeciles, from all over the world, that have been desecrating an art form that has been crucial for your sanity, your development and your spiritual advancement. 
You have seen mongoloids like Liturgy in their flowery shirts, taking black metal's name in vain and not being thrown into Kaiadas in order to cleanse one more stain in the filth that is the human kind.
The omens were gathering...Something great was bound to happen.
The skies roared, the earth trembled and the beast with the countless heads, that is Imperator was unleashed upon us.
Yes you fucking morons...Black metal is dead...Black metal is just like any other kind of music...Anyone has the right to create within the borders that define black metal.
Now, you can just die a painful death an vanish from the face of this earth, just to let us become one with Dødsengel 's crowning achievement.
I shall say more, when I am ready to do so.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Imagination and passion versus monomania and stagnation

At the same time that Mgła release one of the most important black metal records of the modern times, Vikernes manages to prove that he can make a record even more boring than the two 'ambient' ones he recorded while he was in jail.
On their second full album Mgła continue refining their craft, offering what is easily the best 'orthodox' black metal record of the last several months. Is With Hearts Toward None the band's magnum opus? Only time will tell but one can shiver at the thought that this is only a sign of what is to come in the future and not their crowning achievement. As always, Mgła number the album's tracks instead of naming them, not allowing the listener to view their creation as a mere collection of songs...and they have every right to do so. Every Mgła record is a holistic experience that cannot be separated in its individual features. One could comment the spiraling guitar riffs, the inhuman shamanic drum performance, the coldhearted, intelligent and almost calculated execution of their material that is at the same time passionate and full of absolute satanic devotion. Yet too much words wont do justice to this record. Mgła rely on the sheer power of their work and belief without need for too much talking, even with no need for any extravagant or fancy artwork.
'Have ye courage, o my brethren?' If yes, then respond to the band's challenge and you will not lose.

On the other hand Burzum's new record is a test for the listener's nerves. After the excellent Fallen, this one is by far the worst record by Vikernes. Too much talking, spoken word and laughable singing, no inspiration, no intelligence whatsoever consist the man's creative nadir. Once more his lyrical concerns are of absolutely no interest and irrelevant but this time his music is surprisingly boring, to the point that it is more effective than any sleeping pill you can find. On top of all these come his hilarious promotional photographs. This whole case doesn't deserve more words. I assume that even the average imbecile would have something more constructive to do than give a second chance to that record.