Friday, 28 August 2009

The real modern fascism

Excerpt from Caϊna's myspace blog follows:

"I want to get this out there before the rumour mill really cranks up. I've been informed that a nascent witch-hunt has begun surrounding my support of Jesu in London, stating that I'm a 'nazi sympathiser' because of the split 7" release with Krieg, and thus I should be removed from the line-up. Naturally, this could not be further from the truth. As far as I am aware, Krieg are NOT an NSBM band and these rumours come from Imperials use of imagery and some old interviews. Imperial's personal views have nothing to do with me or my music. The release is something I'm extremely proud of because of the music on both sides, but that's as far as it goes. I have never discussed ideologies with any member of Krieg, and if we did whilst we MAY disagree, it would have little bearing on my involvement in the project because there are no Nazi reference whatsoever in the MUSIC. If these people would care to glance at my Metal Archives page, it states that the split with Vivid Dreams was cancelled precisely because of them turning into an NSBM band. I am a left-wing, unashamedly liberal vegetarian and animal lover who votes Liberal Democrat. I am thus pretty much as far from a 'neo nazi' as it is possible to get."

The world is going to it's fucking end. The fact that any individual has to answer and make official declarations concerning his personal beliefs political, religious or any other kind is ridiculous. The world is full of self proclaimed guardians of morality that believe they have any right to have a word to what opinion should be stated or not. Of course the fact that those people are nowadays most commonly little leftist fascists is no coincidence. Their little minds are not able to rich the conclusion that such behaviour is by nature ultimately racist and insulting against the public which they claim they try to "protect". Am I the only one that thinks that this is a direct implication that the public lacks the basic intelligence required to choose which incoming information is needed in order to form his mind, views, decisions and general personality? Personally I don't have much faith in people's abilities but for a leftist that wouldn't be a very nice thing to say.

Now, why any artist would have to answer to such stupid "accusations" is beyond me. I don't really like those "I am not a nazi" answers because in fact they justify the right of such little fascist judges to act the way they do. Why should anyone publicly declare facts that are of utterly personal nature? Why should anyone renounce his right to vote in secrecy?

I am what I choose to be and don't answer to stupid fucks that manage to dwell even under the lower common denominator.
...Viva anti fascist fascism... As we are living in 2009 and not in fucking 1938 I think those so called "anti fascist" pricks are much more dangerous than the nazi shitheads that the worst they can do is damage your leaver after intense laughing.

Fuck you all.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

A piece of Nocturnal Witchery

I just came across this one and loved it instantly. Vintersemestre was a finish band that was active from early to mid nineties. They recorded an EP (Jääverisaatana) and their only LP Kirkkokyrpä. I can't believe I never heard of them back in the day, which is a shame for someone that considers himself an underground enthusiast and maniac. This is very good black metal, nothing innovating or groundbreaking but this is not the point when talking about black metal. The band were using plenty of keyboards but they are not what dominates their sound. It is just a reminder that the band was active at the time that Emperor were reigning in the scene.
The music is dark, kind of atmospheric with excellent riffs. It should be easy to find those two releases (you know where) and make up your own mind...Blood-Fire-Satan

Changing the subject... The clock is ticking. Tom Warrior's Triptykon are in the recording process for their album. All hail to the most important figurehead of extreme dark music.


Thursday, 20 August 2009

In their power and freedom invincible

The above is the closing lyric of Sodom's Nuctemeron from Obsessed by Cruelty. Listening to that album the other day the singaporean band that took its name by said song came to my mind. Then an excavation to the old tapes territory followed. I found their first demo tape from 1988, The Unexpected (or The Unxpected as you can see above). I am sure I also had their second one but it was nowhere to be found. Surprisingly the cassete's performance was pretty decent after all these years.
The usual trip to the past came next. Nuctemeron were playing thrash/death/black metal in the vain of South American bands like Sarcofago, Vulcano and so on. These were the times when the various genres were not barricated at the extreme as they are today and the same went for the country of the bands ' origin. And it was a great joy to be able to appreciate music without considering any useless external factors.
The lyrics are misspelled and naive but this is music performed with enthusiasm, honesty, heart and soul. And this is just great.
It's a shame that bands like this never made it to a proper album, as the times were tough, the scene was not flooded with record labels and there wasn't the convenient and easy solution of the cd. To record an LP took serious balls. On second thought though, maybe it is best that such bands never recorded an album. The jewels are better hidden this way.

Current favorites include:
Nihill - Krach
Fatal - A Somber Evocation of Nihilism (another finding of recent excavations)
Griftegaard - Psalmbok
Hiems-Worship Or Die
Chalice of Blood/Arkha Sva - Split (fucking great Arkha Sva songs)
Aluk Todolo - Finsternis
Planescape:Torment (my first video game after many many years)
Reinhard Kleist - Johnny Cash graphic novel


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Fuck you all

Humanity...What a fucking joke.
It's doom is at hand but already too late. Has my Lord forsaken me?
No way...
I pray for catharsis. I pray for the death of the plague of mankind.
Fuck off...

May this picture of Jena Jameson be the last piece of beauty you'll ever see. If you can appreciate beauty, pigs.

Curses and hate to y'all.

Friday, 14 August 2009

The Tiger

Some traditional greek music for a change. To be more specific, some traditional music from the island of Crete. Ψαραντώνης is a symbolic figure and maybe the only one in this field that I deeply admire and respect. His approach to folk music is unique and passionate so that sometimes the outcome is kind of raw and heavy, so that it sounds familiar and warm to my weary ears.

Whoever is interested can download a song to have an idea here. The song is The Tiger (Η Τίγρη). There is a tiger inside me...It sinks it's teeth in my heart, it's claws in my mind, and I fight for
her and for my own good.It makes me hate whatever's good, so that I shall sing the worst of pains.
My translation is kind of vulgar but the song is overwhelming and I don't really care.
A national treasure.


Mgla, mgla and fog all around.

The time is passing lazy, unfortunately bringing no creative force with it.
Past disappointments connect to the future. Need to cut the rope soon. It's already late. But never too late.

Under the spell of:

Aarni - Tohcoth The more I listen to Aarni's records the more I'm attracted to their surrealistic doom. All their releases are excellent. I need more.

Kathaarsys - Verses in vain The real Katharsis is of course the german troups that occupy black metal's elite for more than a decade now. The spanish band is very good though. Progressive, technical yet no way clinical and plastic.
There is soul in the complexity here.

Klabautamann - Merkur More or less what goes for Kathaarsys applies here too. I don't usually like this kind of "black metal inspired" music but this band is hard to be ignored. Very good company for the moments I slip out of my black coat.

Mgla - Groza Going back to my real self there's no better place to return than Mgla's first full length. This is the best full length black metal album of '08 and is a great mistake me not referring to it so far. Last days it is back to it's place, that is in constant rotation.