Thursday, 28 January 2010

The italian horrors

Italy has a firm tradition in horror (sub)culture be it the movies music or whatever. Four notable examples from the extreme music spectrum.


Monday, 25 January 2010

The idiocy manual

The above picture is a scan of a letter published in Terrorizer magazine (issue 189, click on the picture to view it in all its glory). The letter is written by a reader seeking guidance on how to know when a band is a NSBM one. 'Blessed are the feeble-minded' I believe mr Jesus once said. If this is so, then a blessed individual this reader is. Because one needs to be an imbecile in order not to be able to tell the difference between oranges and cars. Or a nazi band and any other band for that matter.
More interesting though, are the directions given, as an answer by the magazine. I think a reading of the text would be enough for anyone to draw his own conclusions, so I will restrict myself to a couple of comments.
Firstly the magazine leaves to the readers' initiative any decision about what to do 'with the suspected nazi fuckwit metal'. I guess some would appreciate the freedom given and should all thank the magazine for giving them the right to think for themselves. But what about the herd? Why leave them with no directions in the dark?
I will skip the description of the proper nazi or right wing fuckwit in general. I will also skip the 'it is not of any importance if a band denies such accusations' part. The part I find most interesting is the one were is stated that a band is a suspected nazi one, when it makes 'recurring complaints about political correctness and censorship'. Got it? Jawohl Herr Commandant.  
Said letter was awarded 'letter of the month' and won a t-shirt. A small earthly reward for the feeble-minded ones until their lord judges them.

With ears and mind open wide...
Weltenfeind by Grand Belial's Key, Absurd and Sigrblot
Paganuclear by Pantheon (Achtung...those two records are 'suspected to be nsbm' and should be burnt in the pits of leftist hell)
Which I Hope To  Live For by The Ocean Doesn't Want Me
Mikalp Khis Bia Ozongon by Winter Funeral & Arkha Sva
Bénis Les Ténèbres, Ô Mon Âme by  Winter Funeral
Der Teufelsbund by Charnel Winds


Saturday, 23 January 2010

49 evil spirits

Sigh are driving the orchestral thing to its extremes. They still got their charm though, although they seem to have lost the uniqueness they possessed in their first period with Scorn Defeat and especially Infidel Art which is still my favourite of their works. Not to mention that with the recruitment of their female saxophonist they have gained plenty of mainstream media attention for all the wrong reasons.
Arkha Sva on the other hand have always been much more secretive creating a unique mystical aura surrounding them. Mixing the aesthetics of the french black legions with over the top vocal expressions, keeping an over productive pace with plenty of splits , demos and EPs and a truly excellent LP (Gloria Satanae), still remaining under the radar.
The way I see it Sigh have kind of passed the torch to Arkha Sva, in order to keep the black flame burning in eastern black metal. That doesn't mean that there is the slightest similarity between the two, except the country of origin. That is not a minor factor though, as I consider the globalization of black metal to be of crucial importance in its survival and evolution.  
To have videos of live performances on You Fools is a double edged knife. It's an opportunity for the ones genuinely interested to have a source of 'visual information'. Of course as it is not a restricted source, the same opportunity is given to ignorant fools to poison the reputation a band is trying to build. For example it presents a chance for some mongoloids to draw parallels between Cradle of Filth and Arkha Sva (what???).
Black metal is best kept away from such stupid internet tools.
Contrary to the above stated I think it is worth posting this video of an Arkha Sva concert. I don't know where this took place, I would even doubt that this is realy Arkha Sva but the performance of the vocalist is not to be misinterpreted.

The soundtrack of the Kali Yuga...
Charnel Winds - Der Teufelsbund
Abigor -Time Is the Sulphur in the Veins of the Saint
Savnock - Theophany
Book of Black Earth - The Feast
iliketrains - Elegies To Lessons Learnt
Blood Ceremony - Blood Ceremony
Jarboe - Thirteen Masks


Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Fucking black winds

Usually I avoid writing about an album after my first listening of it.The cases where the enthusiastic first impression, dissolves after further listening, aren't rare. On the contrary, rare are the cases when the first listening of an album leaves me with my jaw hanging near the floor. Such is the case with the cd in question.
Charnel Winds are not an unknown name to me. I had listened both their demos Stigma Prior Nefastvm and I.I.I. and they were a band I had under consideration for any future release. A band that shares members with some of Finland's most interesting forces like Blood Red Fog, Utgard and above all my favourite Verge. A band that produced some of the most interesting occult black metal of the recent years. And now, a band that surpasses any other band coming from Finland.
Der Teufelsbund is an album(?) that was first (and last) mentioned on the band's web site in 2005. A friend of mine gave me a cd a couple of days ago, among others he thought I should listen to. I don't know if this is out or when it is going to be released. I don't even know if this is an official LP or a demo or whatever. What I know is that this is possibly the best black metal I'll listen in the coming months. It certainly has the distinctive aura of a band coming from Finland, but it also has a personal touch that comes from the obvious talent and inspiration of the band and not from any stupid 'innovative' idea. Using elements from traditional heavy metal, especially on the slower parts and on the leads, gives to Der Teufelsbund a charm that bewitches even a listener like myself that doesn't particularly like plain heavy metal. I don't want to write more about it. I don't have the words to describe the magnificence of  Der Teufelsbund. This is the real black metal. The ones with ears to hear, will proceed. The rest will remain stuck to Immortal. Even if this clowns would never dream of writing a song like Chained Kumâra.

The rest...
SubArachnoid Space - Eight Bells
Abigor - Time Is the Sulphur in the Veins of the Saint
Manierisme - Manierisme
Middian - Age Eternal
Sigh - Scenes From Hell
Vulcano - -Five Skulls and One Chalice


Sunday, 17 January 2010


Scums be gone...

Thursday, 14 January 2010

The 3 (+1) best doom albums of the last year

Griftegård - Solemn, Sacred, Severe

Classic doom metal with religious and spiritual concept at its best. Excellent heavy riffs, slow drumming, everything seems to be in place. What makes the album take off though, are the great vocals. Whether they are mournful or chanted, they are the most characteristic point of the record, a reference point that perfectly incarnates the spiritual vision of the band. Best song, among equals, Charles Taze Russell that opens the album with a ceremonial vibe that engulfs you from the first notes. If this one doesn't grab you, don't go on listening any are probably not worthy of this creation.

YOB - The Great Cessation

Unbelievably heavy, completely oppressive doom from the bowels of hell. Great vocals that work on many different layers are also present here. Don't let the 'stoner' tag fool you. This is insanely dark doom metal, at times creating a claustrophobic atmosphere, at other times a feeling of desperation and finally a feeling of anger that leaves no place for escape. How can you escape when the walls and the ceiling are closing in on you?

Zoroaster - Voice of Saturn 

I enjoyed their Dog Magic when it was released very much, but this one is a completely different beast. While Dog Magic was excellent filthy doom, this one keeps the foundation and is being expanded to so many different directions that demand your full attention in order not to lose any of the details that paint the palette of the record. Spacey, psychedelic, tribal yet dirty and filthy doom that reeks of sulphur. Tom Warrior said that Zoroaster sound like 'a modern incarnation of Hellhammer'. That says a lot...and there are plenty more.
A band and a record that definitely needs to be fully explored.

The Devil's Blood - The Time of no Time Evermore

Not a doom metal band but one that could draw parallels with the above mentioned ones and a record that is so brilliant that Satan would not want it to be neglected. A band that is 'old school' and at the same time so fresh. A voice with huge confidence that preaches the word of the Lord and at the same time is not afraid to be sensual. All in  all this is occult rock and what's more important, it is flooded with inspiration and vision as if it is touched by Satan's hand.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Some things I've been listening to, the last three days or so...

Celtic Frost - Monotheist I've already said enough about this beast. Shut up and feel the darkness.
Bleeding Fist - Bestial Kruzifix666ion Thrash black death holocaust.
Dimmu Borgir - Stormblåst It's not a shame to admit that before they transform to the atrocity we all hate, they had spawned this little jewel. Shame is, that the potential that was evident here, was thrown to the garbage.
KYPCK - Cherno 
Kickback - No Surrender Fucking die.
Stargazer - Occidentale Magick People are retarded and deaf. There is no other explanation about how overlooked this band is.

Lucifer's light will burn the eyes of the unworthy

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Kickback - No Surrender

Hardcore has never been my favourite style of music. Obviously it won't start being now...but what a fucking great record this is. I approached Kickback out of curiosity when I found out that they share a guitarist with Arkhon Infaustus and Diapsiquir. I was not expecting too much and I was punished severely.
What a fucking beast this is. Music approaches the spheres of art when it creates extreme feelings of any kind. Hate, hate, hate. Total hate, enough to crush the listener and bend any resistance. Surrender is imminent. This has to be one of the most dangerous bands of our times. I believe that total destruction of any known music norm is the art of the 21st century. This record is one step further to that direction.
Like a machete aiming for your throat.

Kickback - No Surrender
Massive Attack - Heligoland
Dredg - The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion
Kickback - No Surrender
Surrender of Divinity - Oriental Hell Rhythmics
Cursed 13/Domgard - Tearing the World Asunder/Svartsejd
Kickback - No Surrender

Friday, 8 January 2010

קורעים את העולם

I can hardly think of an attitude towards music that is more hypocritical than the one that demands from any band or new release to bring something new to ‘the genre’. I’m extremely tired of this kind of mentality as a music enthusiast.
I also never sympathized with the ones that use to nag about today’s music and how inferior it is compared to whatever they used to listen when they were growing up. Of course they choose to ignore that a young and ‘virgin’ music listener is kind of ‘tabula rasa’. The first things he listens are the ones that are being stored in his memory, mind or even his soul and always come back later idealized by the passing of the years. And then he demands every fucking new record he listens to, to be innovative and pioneering or else it best shouldn’t be released. Of course to expect from any new note being recorded, any cd being pressed, to reinvent the wheel, is an utopia. Which leads bands without firm personality and strong vision, to ridiculous exaggerations in order to please the highly demanding ‘critics’. Not to mention that this kind of mentality is mainly responsible for littering the music scene with hilarious tags and endless subgenres.
The musical notes are seven, guitar based music counts several years of existence, all in all the pursuit for the thing that was never done is really futile. Except we consider that the mindless mixing of different styles is real innovation and not just mere hybridization that usually leads nowhere. So in my way of thinking the real challenge is to create something noteworthy by using the tools that are available. And what I care for as a music listener is a record with good, moving music regardless of the ‘new’ elements it presents. The new element by today’s standards would be an injection of passion, soul and talent, and that should be enough.

All of the above applies to the split album of Domgård and Cursed 13 (Tearing the World Asunder/Svartsejd). Two swedish bands that pretty much serve the anti-cosmic current through their music. To those that seek (in vain) the next new thing that would help them establish a new sub³ genre, the record won't offer that chance. This is black metal played with devotion and absolute conviction. Mostly slow to mid paced allowing the songs to breath and form their uniqueness, the record flows easily without noticing its 57 minutes. I haven't heard such a good full length split album since the Rebirth of Nefast/Slidhr one. My highest recommendetions.


Monday, 4 January 2010

Atrocity exhibition

An interesting feature is up on concerning the old days of death and black metal. First, a kind of an exhibition of some old zines, including some of historic value, dating from the mid 80's to the mid 90's titled “Morbid Scriptorium: A Museum of Metal Zines”. This almost brings tears to eyes as it reminds to the elders the days of xeroxed artwork, the sometimes confusing layout, the broken english and every other little detail that is indicative of the burning passion of an individual that desired to be an active part of the underground.
Second, a 'conversation' with some of the individuals responsible for some of those zines under the title “Pages of Pure Fucking Damnation: Zines in the Death Metal Underground”.
Contrary to what the kiddies believe the internet was not always with us. There was a time that to be into the underground took serious devotion and required a serious amount of time and money. Seems like a totally different universe, compared to what is happening today, with every retarded typing 'Abigor time is the sulfur blogspot' on google in order to find a download of whatever is new. Modern times bring convenient tools but this is a fact that also attracts a considerable amount of human garbage that are like parasites on the corpse of (whatever is considered) today's underground.

All in all the above is a really interesting feature that should be approached with the respect it deserves.
Leeches stay away.

Necromass - Chrysalis' Gold
Azaghal - Teraphim
IC Rex - Vedenjakaja
Gravehill - Rites Of The Pentagram
Diamanda Galas - Defixiones, Will and Testament


Sunday, 3 January 2010

Manna from the heavens

Usually I don't give a fuck about the politics involved in a band's work, when the violence is so overwhelming and the music is lighting the path to new ways of extreme expression.
Destroy bring the ultimate freedom. 

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Catching up

Last year's releases that I should check out much more carefully than I did are probably more than I can afford. In the next few days I'm planning to give a good listen to the next few...

TenHornedBeast - My Horns Are a Flame to Draw Down the Truth
Bunkur - Nullify 
Handful of Hate - You Will Bleed
Switchblade - Switchblade [2009]
Njiqahdda - Yrg Alms
Sammath - Triumph in Hatred
Wodensthrone - Loss
Impetuous Ritual - Relentless Execution of Ceremonial Excrescence
IC Rex - Vedenjakaja
Azaghal - Teraphim

There's also a pile of books lined up to be read but for the time being I am re-reading books I liked during the past fifteen years or so.

I hope for nothing - I'm afraid of nothing - I am free (N. Kazantzakis)