Monday, 31 May 2010

Музыкальный коллектив Петра Налича

'I've never been clever, because needed never'
Peter Nalitch could be the joker in the king's court, that speaks truths hidden under irony and and a playful mood  that makes it difficult for the people to notice them.
My first reaction when I first heard his music was similar to my reaction when I first heard the mighty Pongues many moons ago. That is not to say that it is similar in its very nature, but I think that Nalitch is following a path  parallel expressing some similar emotions. Above all those two make me feel the same way when listening to their music and there is an amazing way they can go easily from joyful and festive tunes to melancholic melodies.
I have said before that normally I don't listen to music for fun or to have a good time. Music for me is a tool of manipulation of hidden, primordial instincts. For the rare cases that I listen to music as most of the people do, Peter Nalitch offers more than I would hope to find. There is no classification that would fit this smart russian and his band. Polka, waltz, folk, country, jazz, reggae, easy listening, rock and roll, cabaret, traditional russian music and plenty other styles that I can't remember now, all blend in a clever way that play with the listener in weird ways.
To make it short, this is what I would rather listen to, to have fun when having a drink instead of the z rated imbecile that thinks that discovered thrash metal thirty years after its inception. If you're not the typical metal chimp I would recommend Peter Nalitch for your listening pleasure. Additionally he gives his music for free through his web site.

Finally...yes, Peter Nalitch participated in the circus that is the eurovision song contest and I have no problem with that. Contrary to my opinion on the Gay of Kalessin's attempt to do the same. It may seem strange that I find it ok for an artist I like, to participate in a trash contest while I am negative in the case of a band I always disliked. There are vast differences to the two cases, though. The pretty boys from norway, coming from a seemingly different area did what they had to do in order to fit in. Peter Nalitch was just himself. For the  superficial viewer, that is the normal person that watches such programs,  he wasn't far away from the general climate of the show, although in reality he was oceans apart. That is because he was getting under the weird cloths, no weird hair, nothing extreme in the presentation. Most of the fagots were either bored or didn't notice him. Superficial assholes cannot trace the mockery that is hidden under Nalitch's music surface. On the other hand, had the vikings with the eye liner been there, they would fit in the contest like a glove. Or better like a pantyhose.

Other sonic manipulators that matter...
Kkoagulaa - Aurum Nostrum non est Aurum Vulgi 
Veil of Thorns - Manifestation Objective and Necrofuturist
Sleepchamber - Satanic Sanction
Menace Ruine - Union of Irreconcilables
Castevet - Mounds Of Ash
Dom Dracul - Attack On The Crucified


Sunday, 30 May 2010

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Notes by luck

It has taken me more than 19 months but I am now very close to completing the digitization of my music collection. I am all for the physical formats of music media but I am also not so much of a technophobic. MP3s bear the seven plagues of the pharaohs but they are much more practical and easy to be filed. I will always be a fun of tapes and vinyl or even the (once demonized) cd but every record I own is going to be converted to mp3 and stored to my pc.

Furthermore, I believe that music should be listened to as a whole work. That means I always listen to albums as a whole and not to random scattered tracks. Last night my demons payed their respects to me, once more. That means no sleep throughout all night. Wine and smokes were a nice company. I also turned winamp's shuffle on to see what will come out of the random track reproduction from almost three thousand albums. Wine and smokes and music I love but picked and played at random by the machine. I wrote down the tracks that were played. I can hear those 'who the fuck cares' little voices in my head but you can die a horrible death. Besides the vast majority of the visitors of my lair are still leeches looking for downloads. So they will be treated as intruders. In that context it is entertaining to namedrop artists and albums and hope that google will bring them to my claws, hoping to find a download. Sometimes the idea of wasting a lowlifes worthless time is irresistible.

Anyway this is what my faithful computer chose for me...

Foscor - 'Till Water Mirrors Could Not See from Groans To The Guilty
Master's Hammer - Duše Nesmrtelných from Finished demo
The Wizar'd - The Devil In the Woods from Follow the Wizard
Graveland - The Forest Nemeton from Drunemeton demo
The Wounded Kings - The Private Labyrinth from Embrace of the Narrow House
The Vibrators - I Kissed A Girl from Pure Punk
Slough Feg - The Return Of Dr. Universe from Hardworlder
Sunny Baltzi & Santa Fila - Στο αδειο μου πακετο from Jet Lag
Corpus Christii -  The Wanderer from Rising
Altar of Plagues - I am the Offering from Through the cracks of the earth
Umbra Nihil - The Sign Of Death from The Borderland Rituals
Antigama - Nightmare from Warning
Blood of Kingu - Mummu Tiamat from De Occulta Philosophia

Abruptum -  Icendio Fulminis Tecis from Hextum Galaem Zeloq

Miles Davis - Blue in Green from  Kind Of Blue (50th Anniversary Collectors Edition)
Silencer - I shall Lead you shall Follow from Death pierce me
Master Musicians Of Bukkake - Pipestone Octopus With Horseheart from The Visible Sign of the Invisible Order
Bolt Thrower - As The World Burns from For Victory
Matt Elliott - Trying To Explain from Drinking Songs
Pink Floyd - Run Like Hell from Delicate Sound of Thunder 
Danzig - Black Mass from Danzig 777 -  I Luciferi
Ψ.Χ. - Στα χέρια της Μόρας

The arrival of the Morning...finally.
Satanic blesses.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Mortuary Drape

The plague of youtube is plaguing the modern digital world. Once in a while though comes a jewel that makes all the junk one will meet on said site seem like trials that have to be passed in order to find the hidden treasure.

One of these rare occasions is an old live concert dating back to 1990, where the extremely important italian godfathers Mortuary Drape are conducting a ceremony that puts to shame today's bands. The relatively few views that appear on the youtube view counter, is but one more proof that the internet black metal kiddies are complete imbeciles, stuck to the usual clowns like Immortal and unworthy of what they are being offered.

The bad quality of the recording adds a totally otherworldly atmosphere to this document that fits the music and the performance reminding me those cult 70's occult themed b-movies, that I love so much. This is a gift to the elders that would appreciate it. The rest can go fuck themselves or listen to Keep of Kalessin.

The dark path is there for the worthy to follow.

Monday, 17 May 2010

The horny and the horned

Watain are soon to unleash their fourth spell and I am catching myself to be in great and unusual anticipation. Usually I am fairly relaxed when expecting a new release, no matter how important the artist or band is for me. Of course there are often many works that I'm looking forward listening to, but it's not like I'm counting the days until the release date.The obvious exceptions to the rule are Deathspell Omega and Celtic Frost (then) and Triptykon (now), at least within the general black metal field. And now Watain. The talent and devotion of the band is only to be admired and never questioned. The way the band is handling its transition from the underground to the more exposed field of general extreme music is also commendable. The cases of artists that are breaking the shell and protected environment of the underground and are still sincere and not compromised are so few, that are making Watain's case even more interesting. In fact Watain's success acts as an experiment. Can a band be popular while still maintaining it's artistic integrity, strict faith to its ideals and stay focused to its cause? So far the results are feeding my high hopes.  
I heard the Reaping Death single and recently preordered the limited edition of Lawless Darkness and my eagerness and curiosity is ever growing. One can never draw any conclusion from listening to a 7'' single containing only one new song. So I will not attempt to voice any opinion on what I think the album will be based on Reaping Death. I also will not take under consideration the first reviews of those that have heard the album, as the opinions of others does not interest me. I will only comment on the choice of the two covers the band opted to record. The spirit of Bathory was always present in Watain's music. I just hope that the spirit of Death SS will poison the well of the band's inspiration for good. This will be a great thing to happen. I am also curious of Carl McCoy's participation on one track of the album. The omens are showing that horrible things are upon us. Feeble humans take heed.       

Moving to the exact opposite side...

 On the lighter side of things, everyone's favorite gay metal boys Keep of Kalessin have a new record out. Their hair are looking great as always so I see no reason why the album should not be a masterpiss of fagot music. It's hilarious though that the general borders of the so called extreme metal (ha) can host bands that refuse to compromise like Watain and pitiful stains like the above pictured abomination.    

Tearing Kalessin's anus...
Anatomia - Dissected Humanity
Axis of Advance - Strike
Quinta Essentia - Archetypal Transformation
Damaar - Triumph Through Spears of Sacrilege
Nightbringer - Apocalypse Sun
Talking Heads - Little Creatures
Dinner auf Uranos - 50 Sommer-50 Winter

Sunday, 16 May 2010

American hell

USA has always been a land that raised debate considering its black metal bands, their quality and their capability of performing within an art form that needs philosophical, spiritual and cultural depth, that is unlikely to be found in America. My opinion has always been that what matters, is first and foremost the persons that create the music. The geographical origins of the bands can be an abstract and vague index of the factors mentioned above but in no way is a crucial factor that disables or enhances a band's ability to perform great black and death metal. Talent is not in the water or milk one drinks when growing up, while an individual can study wherever in the world he is.

I decided to compile some tracks from bands from the states that I happen to have in my collection and I think are indicative of the quality one can find if he scratches the surface or has the passion to dig a little deeper. My first decision was to stick to totally underground and mainly unknown artists but then I thought that I couldn't leave outside some of the most symbolic bands that shaped or are still shaping the character of today's american black and death metal. Ludicra, Von and Grand Belial's Key could not be left out. 
Dispirit that start the proceedings is the new bm band formed by John Gossard of the legendary Weakling and the even better doom cult The Gault. I opted to begin with Dispirit and Ludicra as they are perfect examples of a sound that is totally america's own. After that, things become more obscure and evil. I had to skip a handful of talented acts as I didn't want the duration to be more than two hours (which is already long enough).
When talking about the underground of art forms that are already underground by their very nature, one has to dig with his bare hands in order to find hidden treasures. Those that are afraid to scratch their fingers should stick to the junk they are being served.

Track list
01.Dispirit - Bitumen Amnii
02. Ludicra - Let Thirst the Soil
03. Acheronian Dirge - Babylon
04. Black Goat - Song of dead souls
05. Bosse de Nage -  Marie Pisses Upon the Count 
06. Castevet - Stones 
07. Fog - The Leech Within
08. Grand Belial's Key - Son Of The Black Ram
09. Ipsisimus -  The First Secret Of Fatima
10. Midnight - All Hail Hell
11. Savnock - I
12. Spiculum Iratus - The Miracle Of Malignity
13. Von - Watain
14. Yamatu - Of Blood and Stone...
15. Imynvokad - Union With The Blood Of The Moon
16. Vpaahsalbrox - The Flesh I have Given You
17. Cult of Daath - Inhuman Sacrifice
18. Tjolgtjar - The Second Key - Mysterion
19. Unholy Goatfucker - Oaken Gallows, Shroud of Snow
20. Sperm of Antichrist - A Pact In Stone And Skin
21. Nocturnal Blood - Masochistic doom


Thursday, 13 May 2010

Sun of the Apocalypse

'Death and the Black Work' was a record of monstrous proportions. Especially the vinyl edition was a complete masterpiece of occult black metal whose greatness is tough to be fully appreciated even until now, eighteen months after its release. Added to the album's charm was the mystery that was caused by the fact that it went clandestine for a long period of time. Several months passed until the mob took notice that there was something truly important happening right under their useless noses.
On the contrary, "Apocalypse Sun' is anticipated by any imbecile that things that understands what is going on in works like Nightbringer's ones. The record is just out and is already uploaded on countless 'blogs', for every beggar to download. Some would say that it is a reward for any talented band, its music to be exposed to wider audiences (even within the underground). I would say that pearls should not be wasted on swines.
Besides the vast majority of the 'fearless trve internet black metal warriors' was raised with the impression that the sun is the 'enemy'. Hopefully Nightbringer's sun will blind every uneducated half human that dares face it.  

The first samples of the record, made available a couple of months ago, were showing that the band chose to follow a different path, to reach the same end. When  I have the record and after the proper study, I will express my opinion. Until then...

...A thousand curses to y'all.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

The One

The usefulness of live concert in the field of black metal is a debatable matter. My opinion is that black metal is not a music genre to be performed live, at least within the stupid and superficial 'rock' or 'metal' context.
One exception to the rule is one man band The One. I think that any band that feels they cannot do without playing live, should study a concert of The One. They play as a duo, presenting a freeform interpretation of the songs as they are recorded on cd, the visual result being in perfect accordance with the spirit of the music. All in all this is the definition of a black metal live show (or ritual as many bands call it flattering themselves). Dark, mesmerizing and acting as an alternative execution of the records. Not for the drunk imbecile headbanger.


Thursday, 6 May 2010

Playlist for the fiery days (All shall burn)

Killing Joke - Hosannas From The Basement Of Hell

This is, for me, the most important industrial record. Bear in mind that this is nothing more than the opinion of a listener not particularly familiar with the genre. Which means that this is just my favorite industrial record. I chose to write 'important' in the beginning cause it makes me feel exactly this way.
If I cared about the subhumans surrounding me I would advice them to start exploring this kind of music from this album. But I don't care. 

Ascension - With Burning Tongues

I heard the best about this band by people whose taste and instinct in music I trust almost blindly. I'm glad to see that they reaffirmed my trust.
This is the best black metal I heard for the last months. There have been three weeks now, since I got the tape, and it's almost melted after its extended use.
Easily the best new band that has emerged in recent years.

Chaos Invocation - In Bloodline With the Snake

Similar in sound and spirit with Ascension, only just half a step below in quality. I don't like to categorize bands according to their geographical origin but Chaos Invocation come from Germany (like Ascension) and considering a couple of other new and talented bands coming aus Deutschland, it seems that the country is restoring its bond with the dark side.
About time.

Mystérion - The Sacral Chamber 

Third band coming from Germany. A strange case this is indeed. They bear  nothing new in this EP. Everything there is to be found here, has been done before and probably in a better way. Yet the overall result is haunting, appealing and masterfully crafted. They obviously worship in the temple of Watain and other orthodox deities but they do it respectfully.
In a way the three last bands serve to soften my disappointment after the last Ondskapt record. The dark will not run out of servants.

Flames of Hell - Fire and Steel 

This is retro in all senses of the word. They are from Iceland and are a really old band. This LP is from 1987 and is their only release if I am not mistaken.
Thrash/black/heavy metal raw and filthy, a perfect substitute for those who hate Venom (like myself).
The flood of old school imitators and clowns is destroying every last sign of inspiration and freshness. Better go for the real thing.

 Ramesses - Take the Curse   

I loved their debut. This one is even better and this was a tough task to accomplish. Raw and sludgy, sulfurous doom that reeks of graveyard mud. The ones that won't hesitate to dive in it, will be greatly rewarded.

'From beyond the borders of the universe
From the core of your heart
The devil speaks with burning tongues'

Sunday, 2 May 2010

The past is alive, the present dies

This fucking shithole the bad luck has sent me to live in, is in the toughest times of its modern history. 1800 years of unworthy maggots living as parasites on the corpse of an ever dying country, worthless leaders, even more unworthy imbecile followers constitute 99% of today's population of greece. The coming doom was obvious for many years now. But blind and retarded folk cannot see beyond the next minute of its life. Let's see how they'll come out of the ruins.

On the same time the far past of this place manages to come forth in unexpected ways.
Some person decides to dig his property, that happens to be next to my place, in order to build a house. What comes to light is what remained of an ancient cemetery. The archeologists are yet to define the exact age of the findings but the remnants of a woman's body that was possibly murdered (as the skull is fractured) and a couple's skeletons are lying in the open among other findings. The modern leeches have come to destruct their rest.

Then, the people that are supposed to preserve any such findings (and are supposedly scientists) leave the scene as you see it in the pictures I took, covered with nylon shits with stones on the corners and go away for the weekend. The dead have no dignity (so they think) and they can wait. The weekend cannot.

Hate and curses to y'all...
Mystérion - The Sacral Chamber 
Argharus  - Pleistas
Nihil Nocturne - Wahnsinn.Tod.Verrat
Ramesses - Take the Curse
Valborg - Crown of Sorrow
Birushanah - Akai Yami
Rex Mundi - IHVH