Thursday, 29 January 2009

Listen in the dark

The title is a recommendation on how to listen the new Axis of Perdition record, titled Urfe. A dark ambient gem, obviously influenced by soundtrack music. In fact the music in Urfe acts like the soundtrack accompanying the narrator (the british actor Leslie Simpson), and creating a horror filled atmosphere.

This is a two disc affair, the first one (Grief of the unclean) based on electronic ambient and drone sounds, while the second one (The great unwashed) is equally based on electronic and guitar ambient.
The darkness the band evokes is trully admirable and has to be heard to be believed. And I think I traced a bit of Pink Floyd lurking somewhere in the guitar leads.

Excelent atmospheric music to listen in the dark.


Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Twisting the knife of truth

Focused and sober I come for you.
For my hunger never ends.
We are us one. We allways were.
And again we will be.

But now you are two. You'll have to share.

Friday, 23 January 2009


Perplexed is the soul and mind of man. Is it possible to channel the same precious emotion and passion to two directions (be it persons or causes) and still be honest and feel full and free inside?

I think it is.

Thursday, 22 January 2009


This comes as a truly pleasant surprise for a genre that seems to walk towards stagnation (again). A black metal group coming from Lebanon acts like a kick in the nuts for a scene that once more, has become cliched and repetitive.

Ayat are a breath of old and moisty air for anyone that is willing to look a little further than the usual places of origin of bm. What seems to be important for me is that Ayat renewed my interest not by using any "new and innovative" aspects. What they did is dig to the roots of darkness, discover it's essence and present it with the fresh perspective of a group coming from an "exotic" place. Darkness is everywhere. Especially in troubled lands it is all the more present, much more than in wealthy, prosperous and orderly countries that use to present themselves as the "trve" kings of black metal. Ayat can laugh in those spoilt kids' face and continue their black work.

The sound is huge, dark and heavy as fuck. Besides with guitars reminding of Hellhammer you can't fail.

Six Years of Dormant Hatred comes through Moribund records. Also worth checking out is the band's Al Nabi Moujrem Moughtaseb Dajja EP that came out in 2005.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Getting older and mellower?

For the past few weeks I have caught myself "enjoying" some of the so called "suicidal" or "depressive" black metal, a sub genre I always disliked and felt that it shouldn't be connected to black metal whatsoever. Should I be worried? I still think it shouldn't be called black metal as it is quite specific what bm is, not really in the musical sence but in the spiritual one.

What I really like about the suicidal etc. though, is the pessimism, nihilism and twisted darkness the music evokes. Then again this could be a stage I'm going through, and the winter is to blame.

What I could never relate to though, are the misery and self pitty of the lyrics, which are emotions I could never sympathise as they do not fit neither my spirituality nor the way I live and think. To put it short : melancholy is OK, misery isn't.

I can't think of a better example to summarize all the above than Melancholie² the last work of Germany's Coldworld. It can be a rewarding listening with all the pros and cons of the genre. Then again it could be that this is the record I've been listening while writting those words.

I really need a glass of red wine.

Thursday, 15 January 2009


The final blow was poison for the mind. When my heart will be replaced by frozen stone, I shall come for you. Again and again...

Glasgow Necropolis, June 8, 2006. Photographed by Ophis666.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Formulas of chaos

As I was reading some older posts of The Rock Blogger I encountered a post about an excellent documentary concerning the geometry of fractals. Hosted by the great Arthur C. Clarke the documentary serves as a very good introduction to the world of the fractals and their application to everyday life and nature.

This is a must see for everyone that has no idea about the fractal geometry and its vast implications to unthinkable subjects. Watch this and then try to find more sources about the matter. The film is accompanied by David Gilmour's music, a fitting soundtrack for the psychedelic core nature of the film.

An hour well spent.


Saturday, 3 January 2009

Tickets to hell

As if anyone cares,I will post a list of the records that moved me the most during the past year. I'm not sure that they were released in 2008 but this is not important for me.

Deathspell Omega "Chaining the Katechon" One track worthy of a whole album. I really liked "Fas Ite ..." but I also found it to be one level behind the unsurpassed "Si Monvmentvm ...". Still it was head and shoulders above all competition as this is the band that defines the black metal agenda the last four years or so. The new (split) EP is kind of a return to great songcrafting and maybe the best song of the band after Carnal Malefactor. This is achieving darkness through art.

S.V.E.S.T. "Le Diable est Ma Raison" DSO had a worthy comrade on their attack. S.V.E.S.T.  remains a unique entity in the bm underground, stubborn and stable on their characteristic sound. Listening to the discography of the band one could say that there is no progression on their style, sound or technique. Still few are the bands that have the talent to compose great SONGS that are distinct and comprise  excellent albums.

Ofermod's "Tiamtu" was obviously the most expected album of the underground for the last year. With the expectations being so high,reaching them was, by definition, a difficult task for the band. This is not the best bm album ever (as it was proclaimed by Belfagor), still it is a great work that should be enough to bring darkness and fire in the dedicated listener's heart.And again given time one discovers that there are great SONGS here that make an album that can be listened as a whole (as all albums should be listened) still every song is complete by itself.

Caïna "Temporary Antennae". I can't define the reason but I was preoccupied in a negative way with Caïna before hearing a single note by them/him. When I listened to the latest album I totally changed my mind and searched (and found) all it's previous works. No much words needed here, this is music that if you are worthy, takes you for a unique journey. 

Rebirth of Nefast & Slidhr "Ex nihilio". Plain and simple, one of the best black metal releases not only for the last year. 

Nightbringer "Death and the black work" A monster. Shame of me that I just recently discovered the band.

WRNLD "Oneiromantical War". Cold, devoid of humane emotions. Masterpiece.

Trees "Light's Bane". Harsh, extreme drone/doom. Brings a burden on my soul.

Skepticism "Alloy". One of my favorite funeral doom bands. That's enough for me, should be enough for any dark soul.

Esoteric "The maniacal vale". The devouring darkness.

Jarboe "MahaKali". Grand dame. I follow blindly.

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds "Dig Lazarus Dig". The same as Jarboe,applies here. Just to have a record out is reason enough to be in my year's favourites. Like an old friend to whom I turn no matter how many years passed from our last meeting. And it has been long.

There were many more records that brought me joy. Given time and if I'm not lazy enough I will give a word or two in the future. 


Thursday, 1 January 2009

Dead, dead, dead

Being a misanthrope by nature, I always avoided to be among many people.Hence my dislike for live concerts. It's never easy being among the masses, people that you have no respect for. I made an exception a couple of years back to attend the concert of the almighty Celtic Frost (together with Kreator). This was an experience worthy enough to make someone forget any scepticism and indulge into the mesmerizing show of the best dark, black, metal band that ever walked the surface of earth. Of course I had to leave the venue after Celtic Frost's show in order to keep my "out of this earth" state of mind, and not let Kreator ruin that for me.
This was the exception to the rule that I believe to be right: Black metal (and similar forms of music) is not mend to be played live. This is not the average "rock" music, this is not a party, this is not music to drink beers listening to.
Few are the bands that prove to be worthy enough, to bring  on stage the mysticism, darkness, occult spirit of their music. Watain seems to be the obvious example. Then again most of the bands ridicule themselves by bringing their music to the live arena. Enter Ondskapt.The ultimate example why this kind of music should be different than the average live orientated music.The videos that are uploaded on youtube (easy for everyone to find) are pretty embarrassing for a band that builded its own mythos in the scene.No more words needed. This is not black metal.A shame really, for one the best bands of recent years. Let's just hope that Ofermod will be much more careful on their coming performances.

Circle closed (once again)

The circle is closed, in order to reopen again. Like the ouroboros, devouring it's tail.Years end and years begin again.WRNLRD's Oneiromantical War and Katharsis' VVorld VVithout End prove to be excellent partners for a sunny but cold day, that follows the heavy snowfalls of previews days. 
Great changes in life seem to come clandestine and unnoticed. Cheers.