Friday, 19 December 2008

As years pass, the past seems to idealize itself. Then nostalgia comes to finnish the job.
In the early 90's I created a black metal band called Yog Sothoth. We made four tapes that were given to friends. The whole thing was obviously very amateurish but it was also a good way to unleash a great deal of negativity.Artistically though there were not many things to be told.
Hell, there are even some songs that even nostalgia can't hide their mediocrity. I found the tapes the other day and they were almost destroyed by time. I'm trying to rip them these days so that I can preserve my memories from the attack of time. I'm planning to post the most interesting of those recordings sometime in the future. For the timebeing here's a sample. The song is called "The Lord of Temptation" and you can download it from

Great music to listen for the time of year:Caϊna's "Temporary Antennae" and Fen's "Malediction Fields". Favorite reading for the last week is Clive Barker's "The Great and Secret Show".