Saturday, 17 July 2010

The end of days

The dream went somehow like this...

In the days of the fire , where the lack of water started the process that leads to the end, the feeble humans were in dismay. As usual, into their desperation they turned to their lord. Great litanies were held throughout the land, begging for mercy and forgiveness that would result to water and rain. That would be the sign that their lord have forgiven them for their disgraceful decline.

And gigantic, dark clouds started to gather all over the land, bearing hope that great showers, that would mean life, were close.

And the miserable humans were joyful to their lord, for he showed his merciful face and granted them life once more.

And there were great litanies in adoration to the lord, where all the imbeciles were taking place to show their love to the lord and to be there when the first drops would start to quench the thirst of the soil.

And the first drops did start to fall on them, only it was not joy what they caused. It was pain so great that the screams of anguish could be heard to the heavens.

And the drops were burning like the flames of hell. And it seemed like the rain was boiling oil or burning acid. Or both combined.

And the feeble humans started to burn like hay in a great flame. And the land was dying its ultimate death. And the birds started to fall like lightning bolts...falling everywhere, on the land, on the gathered masses, on their homes, on the few remaining crops, setting the whole land in flames.  

And an angel's trumpet sounded over the agonizing screams. And the humans were given hope that their lord was about to save them. Only when the screaming stopped, they realized that the sound was not a trumpet announcing the coming of legions of angels. It was the rattling of a machine-gun announcing the coming of the primordial chaos. It was the sound of the coming Armageddon.  

And the humans started to run in dismay in all directions. And all the animals of the land started to flee in panic. And the great beasts started to step all over the humans and the humans were stepping all over the smaller beasts and smaller humans and women and kids and the elder. 

And the great Deceiver smiled somewhere in the thick fog that was arising over the land. The great Lord was indeed more merciful to the herd that their own lord as he ended their miserable lives sparing them the torments it would bring.
And the fire was still coming from the sky, more powerful and merciless, burning everything that was in its way for days and days. Until the end of days came. 

And then there were none.

No more details come to mind. I was never good at remembering dreams. I am not even sure it was a dream. Because it could have easily been Ouroboros' Spear of Destiny.

Since I described my dream there is no need to add much concerning the first and long overdue record of one of Australia's finest. 
This is war, this is Armageddon, this is the rattling of machine-guns marking the end of all life.

Those who know will be there to harvest the fruits of the panic of the feeble ones running scared.
I think the Great Deceiver would smile proud for what his children have accomplished.

Another work that seems to be worlds afar yet it is too close to Spear of Destiny is the new Godless Rising record.

Entitled Trumpet of Triumph it aims at the same target as Ouroboros only using different ammunition.
This is the sound of death metal played by a power metal guitarist with talent and imagination. The result is so much death metal that leaves no space to any clown, naming the record progressive or experimental or avant garde death metal or whatever.  
This is the third full length of a band with close bonds to Vital Remains, only Godless Rising have something to say.

Third and final reference to records that matter is last years Black Future by Vektor.

Thrash metal is not what I normally prefer to listen, especially these days with countless talentless imitators desecrating the corpse of what once was thrash metal. Vektor is not such a case though, as I think that one could hardly find a more talented and fresh band in the genre. With aesthetic and lyrical inspiration from the great Voivod, using the ways of the (also great) Coroner along with some touches of (not so great) american bands and the vocals of early Destruction this is a 78 min album that flows like a mini LP.

Truly inspired and hopeful. 

Other stuff to cause wet dreams...
Mountain of Judgement - Mountain of Judgement
Nav' - The Wolf Sun
Inter Arma - Sundown
Necrophile - Dissociated Modernity
Bastard Priest - Merciless Insane Death