Monday, 3 January 2011

MMX - The grave (Stasis I)

Deathspell Omega - Paracletus
I don't know if some years from now reality will prove my thoughts about this record wrong. I don't care if this happens. All I know is that the cases that I felt awestruck during and right after the first listening of a record are more than rare. In the past this has happened only two more times. The most recent until now was Monotheist. The first time I actually felt my spine froze was while listening to De Mysteriis... and this had happened although I was already familiar with the material it featured...and now Paracletus.
I also happen to know that the power of such an intense experience is going to accompany me for the rest of my life.
The miserables among you can stay in your pathetic misery until you fucking die.

Triptykon - Eparistera Daimones/Shatter
The works of the Warrior have a unique way of establishing a connection with me and my soul. With his new work this connection was  more intense than ever. This is the heaviest music you can find around. With the passing of time Warrior's lyrics have become very personal being in fact an act of catharsis. But for catharsis to come you have to awaken your demons in order to fight them. This record does exactly that. It is unsettling to the point where repeated listening carves deep wounds. Daimones together with Paracletus are the best records of the last year and not only. These are works of spiritual lytrosis but to feel them like such, you have to get out of your usual state of numbness. 

Weapon - From the Devil's Tomb 
Drakonian Paradigm was the first blow, to announce the arrival of a deadly weapon to the flock that is unaware of its fate. From the Devil's Tomb is the official declaration of war. With their second record Weapon unleash their full potential, fulfilling the promise that was their two EPs. The record is a new promise from the band...a promise of things monumental in the near future.

Ascension - Consolamentum 
Ascension's debut together with Paracletus and From the Devil's Tomb are the unholy trinity of last year's black metal. My vinyl is about to melt in just a week's period but the record will not leave my record player anytime soon. Ascension come as the pretenders to the throne of modern black metal and the signs are with them. Consolamentum is burning fire, a record crafted by hardened veterans that can show to the pimpled chat room kiddies that while they play with their Burzums and Immortals, there is serious black metal being made. This is a poisoned spear on the ribs of your enemies...just use it.

Blood Revolt - Indoctrine 
Music designed to make the listener feel uncomfortable and uneasy. Modern art should be like this. An unbelievably great record which is a rare case by such short lived projects...but in the presence of pure genius, miracles can happen.

Annthennath - States of Liberating Departure 
Brilliant black metal by prominent members of the french scene. This record is so good that the fact it went unnoticed should consist a crime. Listen or die.

StarGazer - A Great Work of Ages 
The record that brought Stargazer to the forefront of extreme metal is in fact the gospel of today's forward thinking death metal. No more words are needed.

Twilight - Monument to Time End
On paper, a black metal (basically) work with heavy doses of pure sludge and psychedelia is enough to turn me off. Upon listening to Monument... such concerns are rendered useless. Twilight's big cauldron mixes whatever this colective wishes, and the result is magical...Indulge.

Dødsengel - Mirium Occultum/Alongside Choronzon
I have praised this band many times and still I feel it isn't enough. I cannot remember another black metal band being so prolific (with four releases in a year) and at the same time keeping the quality of their art on such a high level. The full length is a monument of occult black metal, a jewel that you want to keep just for yourself. Alongside Choronzon is the best of their EPs that came last year, emphasizing the ritual aspect of their music, a trait that is almost forgotten yet so vital for black metal. Praised be.