Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The bottom of the barrel?

This fucking place has to be the most stinking place on the planet. I will never stop believing that its people deserve every possible catastrophe finds them. Being a greek seemed always to be a curse. Now more than ever. 
The place is full of idiots mourning for the loss of their fake luxuries, instead of facing the future and trying to find viable solutions to the problems that grow exponentially. In a country that dies a slow death, sinking in its own shit, there is no room for the few enlightened persons that have remained. Recently this godforsaken place lost a writer and a musician/composer/lyricist, two of the last iconic figures that have remained in this shithole. Both died forgotten, neglected, forsaken. I had never been a huge follower of their works but for me that was never the case. The important thing was that you knew they (and some others) were there. They were the rare cases that would make you stay in front of your television when you would accidentally catch them talking. You would read their interviews on the papers because you knew that their spirit was surpassing the limitations of their art.

This fucking place is the most stinking place on the planet. It does not deserve its few special intelectual persons. It is the right time for them to depart. Because the people that think that their worst problem is that they cannot afford to buy the biggest car or the newest tv anymore, do not deserve to have beacons in their miserable lives. Let them vanish.

Pills against incurable diseases...
Those Poor Bastards - Satan is Watching
Mortem - De Natura Daemonum
40 Watt Sun - The Inside Room
Aptorian Demon - Angst, Jammer Og Fortvilelse-Til Helvete
The Wandering Midget - The Serpent Covent
Ulver - War Of The Roses 

Over and fucking out...