Saturday, 4 June 2011

Dead and buried

Plenty of paper and internet space has been spent on Morbid Angel's new abomination. It's one of the rare cases where words don't seem to be enough to describe how awful a record is. The album is not awful because of the non metal influences, but because of the complete lack of inspiration and intelligence in the way those outsider influence is incorporated in the music, making the once death metal titans look like talentless midgets that cause sadness and pity with their downfall, more than any other emotion. 
With lyrics that flirt with comedy, 'innovation' based on ingredients that have expired 15 or more years before and with an overall exhibition of tragically bad taste this has to be one of the worst catastrophes in the history of extreme music.
Not surprisingly though, there have been scribes that have almost praised that thing. You know, the kind of music 'journalists' that also happen to work for record labels...those that find this creature exciting and a bold expression of a band that isn't afraid to break boundaries (ha). In a period of time where bands like Ulcerate push the borders of death metal to heights that Morbid Angel couldn't even dream of, to even consider listening to the new M.A. record for the second time would be a waste of time and disrespect to artists that really worth it. 

Mockery comes natural as a way to confront such an attack on any sense of good taste but in the case of Morbid Angel I doubt it that it is the appropriate one. Alternatively, I would treat them as an old man that took me by the hand and showed me the dark corners of the earth when I was young, but now is losing his mind due to his age.
I am in no way disappointed by the record, as I have stopped expecting anything worthwhile by bands that have become brand names, many years ago. The future will always lie in the underground. 
As for Morbid Angel...respect and farewell.