Sunday, 15 April 2012


You have been told that black metal is dead with no hope of delivering anything new, exciting and interesting.
You have been brainwashed, mostly by scribes of american origin and european late comers-indy kids, that black metal is nothing more than a music style, just like any other. Anyone can and has the right to mess with it, they said. 
You have witnessed a fair amount of downfalls and possibly uncountable disappointments.
You have been more than tolerant with clueless kinds and fucking imbeciles, from all over the world, that have been desecrating an art form that has been crucial for your sanity, your development and your spiritual advancement. 
You have seen mongoloids like Liturgy in their flowery shirts, taking black metal's name in vain and not being thrown into Kaiadas in order to cleanse one more stain in the filth that is the human kind.
The omens were gathering...Something great was bound to happen.
The skies roared, the earth trembled and the beast with the countless heads, that is Imperator was unleashed upon us.
Yes you fucking morons...Black metal is dead...Black metal is just like any other kind of music...Anyone has the right to create within the borders that define black metal.
Now, you can just die a painful death an vanish from the face of this earth, just to let us become one with Dødsengel 's crowning achievement.
I shall say more, when I am ready to do so.