Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The burning moon

Although it is the ending of winter (and this one has proven to be a pretty snowy one) the fullmoon in Hellas is still burning like the flames of inferno. The norsemen seem to have persuaded everyone that hell is kind of a fridge, briging their climate condition to the forefront of the lyrical content of black metal (the weather forecast black metal). To my eyes black metal has allways been a nexus to enter the abyss. The themes about the frost and snow didn't help the cause, although there has been serious posting (mainly on the fabulous surreal documents blog) in order to analyze the thematology of the norwegian bands. My opinion is that it was too much depth given to an issue that does not deserve it. I seriously doubt that any of those bands had anything in mind other than the easy solution of writing about their physical surroundings adding a flavour of nationalistic suppremacy (just because it's cold up there?). Don't get me wrong, I love scadinavian black metal but I would pick the roaring flames of hell to paint the canvas of black metal, anytime. Ultimately we are fire and they are ice and probably there is no winner between those two.

I was lucky enough to witness a spectacular fullmoon last night that really haunted me. I found a wonderfull company to Colombia's Reencarnacion's 888 Metal. It is a 1988 record, typical of south american black/thrash of this period. Burning, sick music that sounds like echoing from the tomb. Pitty that the spirit of those bands seems to be missing from today's black metal. This reminds me to dig through my old tapes to find my favorite Genicidio's EP from 1987.