Sunday, 31 May 2009

Scattered thoughts

This blog started with no specific goals in mind. This blog started with no specific area of topics that should be covered.
There is still no goal in mind. The topics have shaped themselves as time passed. It seems that, as music is taking most of my free time, my thoughts about music (and especialy black metal) have taken most of the space here.

The blogsphere has strange effects to the bloggers. Normally the motive for someone to blog would be the impulse to write down his thoughts. If anybody else would be interested, all the more better.
Today the web is full of blogs filled with signs of megalomania. For example the writer apologises for the long absence of posts or there are constant references to the "blog's readership" etc. Everybody (or nobody?) feels important. Everyone thinks that has his own fans. Everybody has made his first and foremost concern the number of visitors he gets.
Get serious assholes. Noone misses you when you are not posting, noone is waiting for your opinion in order to form his own.

But what if I am mistaken? What if there are people that are radicaly influenced by the blogs? What if there are people that take all the information they need by sources that are of questionable origin and proficiency? What if there are people that have the medality of a fan towards someone they don't know and they can never know, but they just got unto him after a couple of clicks?
Then the world is going to hell. But then again do we need more signs to certify this?
I'm eagerly waiting.

Afterthought....How great it would be to realy be able to manage and use this source of (uncontroled) information and power...