Monday, 13 July 2009

Tamo Gde Pupoljak Vene...Tamo Je Moje Seme

I had heard of the existence of Dead Shell of Universe almost eight months ago but I didn't pay any attention nor did I show any interest in listening their work. The Serbian black metal bands I was aware of, like May Result and The Stone seemed to be nothing special. DSoU share members with said bands and that was a factor that didn't encourage further investigation.

I only listened to their Tamo Gde Pupoljak Vene...Tamo Je Moje Seme EP after a friend whose taste and opinion I value highly, recommended it to me. And he was absolutely right. This is a quality ep that although it lasts almost 35 mins leaves you hungry for more. The band plays black metal with eyes to the future. Since Deathspell Omega's rise to global domination I have heard many bands being compared to them or seemingly being influenced by them but all attempts were mediocre at least. Dead Shell of Universe is an exception to this rule. They walk a parallel path to DSO's, leading to the same destination and they are doing it with devotion and in a convincing way. This is black metal of the highest order, this is MUSIC of the highest order, not following specified channels and fearing not to incorporate non black metal elements that add to the fierceness and the darkness within. I only wish they had avoided the trap of the "obligatory" ambient track.
I am waiting for a full length...
Until then...there is His seed.

Other records I've been listening:
Shining - VI Klagopsalmer: Although I am not fond of the suicidal blah blah, to just describe Shining using said tag would be a great mistake. I believe Shining are utterly Satanic to their core and this is an excellent record. The record label's repeated incapability to release the album on time, has added to the thrill.
Behemoth - Ευαγγέλιον: I had written Behemoth off many years ago. For the last 3 or 4 years they are everywhere you turn your eyes. A complete triumph of public relations. I don't know what impulse led me to download the new LP (yes, guilty), but I really like it a lot. This is one I am going to buy when it's out. If only they were keeping a lower profile.
Weapon - Drakonian Paradigm: Thrashier than their earlier releases but equally good. A band on a mission, thus worthy of my attention.