Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mixtape - The Serpent's Gospel

I have been posting brief play-lists of music I listen to at any given time, very frequently. I made a mixed cd with some bands that I find amazing and have been in constant rotation on my player. Some are new, some are old. I thought of uploading it.
Whoever is interested may proceed. Sonic torture is guaranteed.

01. Shub Niggurath - The Only One Astral Being
02. Kako Daimon-Black Serpent Enthroned
03. Cathedral Stivhet - From the Altar Hordes
04. Ascension - With Burning Tongues
05. Adorior - Split A Lamb
06. Hacavitz - Ye Paran  Eojtocomol
07. Nyseius - Et au Fin Fond du Gouffre repose mon Sang
08. Burial Invocation - Through the Void of Obscurity
09. Demoncy -  Joined in Darkness
10. Daäth Shadow - Servant of Lucifer
11. Storm Legion - Spears Of Eternity / The Great Cycle
12. Goat Penis - Chaos Dominium
13. Dødsengel - Evocation of Amezarak
14. Charnel Winds - Chained Kumâra
15. Havohej - Melancholike