Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Rising from the ashes is postponed

The past few days have been an overwhelming trip in the world of Eparistera Daimones, so little time was left for other new records. And indeed, there have been a lot of new interesting releases within the field of music I like. Of course the heavy shadow of Triptykon's debut is cast upon any other piece of music I'm going to listen for the near future, nevertheless I will try to comment on my impressions on some of the records I've listened recently.

Starting with Onskapt's third album  Arisen from the Ashes that marks the return of one of the most symbolic bands of the genre. In my opinion Ondskapt's best release so far has been their first full length Draco Sit Mihi Dux. A record draped deep in otherworldly occult darkness, one of the absolute masterpieces of the era of black metal's renaissance (what people like to name orthodox black metal). Dödens Evangelium that followed was another great record that helped establish the unique trademark Ondskapt atmosphere but was maybe slightly less impressive than the debut as it was less focused and there were some interludes that I could live without.
As for the new record... Deep in the vein of Dödens Evangelium but adding little to nothing to the band's legacy as it lacks the inspiration that was so much evident on the first two records. I don't know if Arisen from the Ashes is so much a mediocre record or it is the fact that I had much higher expectations that makes it feel this way. The fact is that the total attack that started a couple of years ago from the leading bands of our times (with the releases of Deathspell Omega, Funeral Mist and Ofermod) meets here its first major disappointment. Come to think about it Ondskapt have now three full lengths out, every 'new' one being slightly worse than its predecessor. This cannot be a good omen of things to come. A real pity.

Thankfully Orcivus' second full length Est Deus in Nobis is a completely different case. Actually things with this one were the exact opposite of Ondskapt's case. Est Deus in Nobis came as a surprise to me. I had mixed feelings about the bands debut Consummatum Est. I really couldn't decide whether I was confronting a band that was devoted to the cause, or one that jumped the bandwagon of Orthodoxy that was so popular especially among the swedish bands. After the new album I am leaning towards the former. Est Deus in Nobis  is a piece of quality black metal, several steps up from their debut. Nothing new and innovative here, just pure and negative black metal energy. That's all that's needed. A band to watch in the future.