Thursday, 23 December 2010

Raining (black) blood

As the year's end is near, it is always fun to read the best of the year lists that everybody posts these days. Too many people seem to take themselves way too seriously, at least more seriously than they take the music they are writing about, creating much hassle just to write which records they liked the most. Me, I'm not much different as I will also post in the near future, a list of the records I consider to be the best for this year, hopefully avoiding the pompous style everyone seems to incorporate.

Meanwhile there have been some noteworthy (to say the least) releases of excellent black metal mostly EPs and suchlike. I will make a brief reference to the ones I have listened to for the past couple of weeks.

Infernal War/Kriegsmaschine - Transfigurations 

The polish preachers of satanic hate join forces on this EP, creating half an hour of havoc. With Antaeus being inactive Infernal War have a lot of free space that they can cover. Hopefully the underground will realise their potential and show them the respect they deserve. On the three tracks they offer on Transfigurations, in addition to their usual traits they show a great sense of control and dynamics, making them the best tracks the band have released so far.
Kriegsmaschine's connection with Mgla is not a secret. Until now I've been seeing Mgla as the most subtle alter ego of Kriegsmaschine's more ferocious self. On this split the latter show a face more reminiscent of Mgla with two tracks of the highest quality, relying heavily on the atmosphere and twisted melodies than on speed. My sincerest recomentations.

This would be a good chance for me to thank the guys from Infernal War for the t shirt I received the other day through my sister in law that studies in the UK...Hails.

Ascension - Fire and Faith
Ascension have made quite an impression with their With Burning Tongues demo last year and with their first full length coming out tomorrow this EP starts the fire that is to come. Judging from Fire and Faith those that were quick to close any best of the year lists before listening to the coming Consolamentum have made a serious mistake. Watain is the obvious influence but Ascension engulf all the influences they may have and their talented execution comes as anything but a copycat. Excellent guitar work, melodic when needed, furious and unrelenting when they wish, this is obviously a band blessed by Satan. 

Dødsengel - 2010 - Alongside Choronzon
Dødsengel - Ecstatic Horror
Ritualistic, dark, ecstatic, unconventional. Dødsengel is a jewel in today's black metal. Those two EPs are quite brief but intense and severe journeys. If you are worthy, you will experience them. If not...then be damned. 

Fuck your shitmas.