Saturday, 11 December 2010

Spheres like Death

Mare together with Dødsengel are the only reason that nowadays the words norway and black metal don't seem as a joke when put side by side. In fact those two bands are anything but a joke. Dødsengel have put out one of the best records this year (Mirium Occultum) and this makes me eager, in anticipation of their two EPs that are coming. Mare have just put out their second EP titled Spheres Like Death and this is as good as 'traditional' black metal can be. The two bands share a common view on black metal as they both embrace its ritualistic nature creating the dark vibes that are so necessary yet so much forgotten lately. A vast improvement from their previous release, the Throne of the Thirteenth Witch 7'' from 2007, this is a work that relies heavily on the pitch black atmosphere it creates. That means that the ones that seek exercises on speed and technicality can go on to the next plastic abomination of the scene. Those who seek true, inspired and passionate black metal will find their haven in the 21 minutes of Spheres Like Death. My humblest recommendations.

Flagellant - Monuments
Deadsoul Tribe - A Murder of Crows
Ipsissimus - Trampling the Host