Wednesday, 7 December 2011

And the Devil Laughs With Us

One of the most hated (if not THE most hated) bands in the hardcore scene is back and all of us that couldn't care less about hardcore and its stupid subculture, can freely express our great joy.
I don't listen to hardcore because there's nothing for me to like in it. The exceptions for the last decade have been Integrity and Gehenna. And for the last couple of years Kickback. After the apocalypse that was their previous one, No Surrender the new record   Et Le Diable Rit Avec Nous is a massive load of oil that feeds the fire of hate, violence, brutality, rage and perversion that is Kickback. Haters will hate them and this will give the band life. After all FUCK FRIENDS, WE NEED ENEMIES.
Kickback have broke free from the trappings of hardcore here. The usual clowns that pollute every scene will argue about Kickback not being hardcore (anymore?) as if any living being above the level of an amoeba gives a fuck about it. This is a totally fucked up record with unusual structures, disharmonic and uncomfortable in its weirdness. Kickback are probably to hardcore what Diapsiquir is to black metal and new records by both in such a little time space might not be good for my sanity but who cares when great and true art is at hand? Et Le Diable Rit Avec Nous closes with two covers where the band shows how much they care about your worthless opinion. They will rap if they fucking feel they need to. The destroyers of all are back. Listen to this record and see if you can keep yourself from beating up the first asshole you'll meet out in the street.