Friday, 6 March 2009

Battle of the opposites

Life can be challenging in all aspects. Covering my 37th year of age, the habbit of going back to the years of early youth, trying to remember the thoughts, the feelings and beliefs I had, tends to be usual. I guess it comes with the age. Back then I was thinking that the lifestyle I had adopted, the music and all artforms I enjoyed at the time, could not go hand in hand with the other fields of "ordinary" life, that would have to come later.
I have to admit I didn't think I could fit my personal interests and beliefs into a life as a married man and my everyday job that evolves around older and conservative people, especially in the land I call home, which has become a fucking fortress of conservatism. The fact that I still haven't watered my wine is a small triumph and this little blog here acts as a haven for me. This and a wonderful carring wife that is open minded enough, to accept me as I am although her background has nothing to do with mine.

There are strange omens in the sky.

Last nights I gave thorough listens to Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures after many (really many) years. Same happened with The Smiths' debut.
It's nice to see that time haven't affected those beloved works. Listening to those records made me think how much I miss the naive and innocent outlook of music. The unselfish acceptance of artists that can move you no matter how original or progressive they sound. There have been artistic crimes commited in the name of fucking "originality".
So, in this mindset there have been some new releases worth checking out. The new Absentia Lunae ( Historia Nobis Assentietvr) sounds promising after the first spins. I also came to the conclusion that I'll always like whatever Michayah Belfagor records, even if it doesn't shatter the earth. So the Nefandus Death Holy Death LP is very enjoyable and their future will be even better with more songs like the awesome Samaelic madness code. Finaly France's Celeste have blended a lot of different aspects on their Misanthrope(s) album and the result is a succes to my ears.