Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Build in me, O LORD! and
once again grant me Light, to
fill this human void, Yes,
chasten me with Sight! I
speak wounds, and my blood
is a tune of Death, and my
word shall devour flesh.

I slayed the lion to become
him, I am HUNGER!
Anti-flesh nimbusl... I crush
my eyes, to gain the sight of
a god.

My heart is fixed, O LORD,
and my veins are prepared, to
receive thy venom, to channel
thy glare. Mad with the over-
flow, I open my chest, and my
word shall devour flesh.

The earth trembled and was
silent, shook and stood still.

Anti-flesh nimbus... I choke
the human within, to gain the
will of a god.

Everyday day that passes, Maranatha grows in me like a worm eating my soul. I shouldn't expect anything less from Funeral Mist.
The last verse of Anti flesh Nimbus summarizes the very essence of this cursed entity.
The trumpets are calling...Our Lord has come.