Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Sanctvs Nex

I was curious to listen to Aurelia, Sanctvs Nex's debut album as the samples I had listened were interesting at least. I finally had the chance to get an idea through ATMF website, were the record is streaming. After a couple of listenings I wanted to make a comment or two.
First, I think it's time for the various sites and record labels to stop using Deathspell Omega as a reference for any band that plays something more than plain raw black metal. The way I see it, these constant references are signs of ignorance and shallow view of the music, as long as attempts to cash in on the current trend and hype surrounding DsO. There is no band around that can match DsO's audial, visual, aesthetical or philosophical competence, so any attempt to compare any other band to them doesn't make justice to the other band.
And in the case of Sanctus Nex this wouldn't be fair. The band is perfectly capable of standing on their own as an independent force, as Aurelia is a very good work of occult and dark music based on black metal and expanding to many other directions, enough to keep the listener returning for more. Not that they are similar in their musical approach but their whole attitude reminded me of Subvertio Deus, the other british band I have distinguished in the last few years. This is a record that demands repeated listening and one  I will definitely buy as I want to have a complete perspective of what the band has to offer.

I am getting tired of black metal bands that during interviews they are eager to namedrop all the deities, demons or sephiroth they had memorized the previous day in order to prove how serious they are about what they say. The fact that they openly talk about matters that are utterly of esoteric nature and are not to be discussed shows exactly how "serious" they are and how profound their knowledge on such matters is. Unfortunately this is a trap that even the worthy ones fall in. The path to enlightenment is long, uphill and full of thorns. The hypocrites and careless ones would be in danger when crossing it.

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