Thursday, 1 April 2010

It's this time of the year again...

...The lamp is on the cross...rejoice.

Two records that are a perfect medicine in order to keep sane these days...

Twilight - Monument To Time End 

I downloaded it. I loved it. I'm definitely going to purchase it. Much better and more complete than the first album, probably owing a lot to the more diverse line up.For example I like the idea of Isis'  Aaron Turner playing black metal (in the widest sense of the term). I like the result even more. This is one of the rare occasions where although the musical outcome is a mix of so much different ingredients (Leviathan, Nachtmystium, Isis, Krieg, The Atlas Moth, Minsk) it is so masterfully crafted that makes perfect sense. Dark, raw, unsettling, psychedelic...All is one.

Why Angels Fall - The Unveiling 
 Excellent esoteric doom. It is also in accordance with the christian grief of these easter days, so your neighbor cannot complain. Not much to say. This is music to be felt, not to talk about. Two really long tracks that if experienced correctly will drag you along and will not let you breath before the journey is over, after 78 minutes. I was mesmerized to the point where minor faults did not matter. I can't even remember them...except the clumsily pronounced ancient greek (an excerpt of the gospel according to John) in the beginning of Neo Genesis. Every mistake here is overshadowed by the sheer magnificence of this work. 
Εν αρχή ην ο Λόγος...indeed.

I was thinking of Celtic Frost's Cold Lake the other day. For me this is the most embarrassing moment in the career of the most important extreme band just because it is mediocre. Not because of its musical direction, not because of the image they had adopted not because of anything else than its complete incompetence to be the worthy successor of a monument like Into the Pandemonium.
All these said I really wish that people would stop calling Cold Lake a glam record. I know, most of the people are imbeciles that listen to music using their eyes more than their ears and soul. The image of the band back then had a lot to do with glam but had Cold Lake been a glam record, Megadeth would be something like Poison. And I don't mean the german Poison.  

I leave you with a video to celebrate the death of the lamb...if the bad sound quality annoys you, you can go fuck yourself. Ears must bleed.