Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The burning fields ... Aosoth - III

As time passes and the dissolution of Antaeus becomes a given fact, Aosoth seem to benefit from it, becoming an ever growing force on its own merit. Their second record, Ashes of Angels, was a step forward from the self titled debut, but their third work is a huge jump from the previous one. The band names the record III, brings their logo on the forefront on the cover artwork and in a way they reintroduce themselves. 
The first two records were exhibitions of quality black metal infused with great amounts of energy on loan by thrash. III is their first work to challenge the heights of the best of Antaeus and the rest of the today's black metal finest. The perverse, 'backwards' and dissonant riffing of Blut aus Nord and Deathspell Omega become the gospel that leads them but Aosoth are no newcomers, they posses the necessary experience and personality to use any influence as a starting point for great things. The songs smell of incense and sulfur, the sick guitar tone dominates the atmosphere and MkM is one of the few persons on the face of the earth that can walk in those fields without being accused of trespassing. Passion, class and personality paint the orthodox background of III and Aosoth present us the second great black metal release of the last months after Stained Glass Revelations
Approach with caution cause it burns.  

Everything great is built upon sorrow...
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