Thursday, 19 May 2011

Throne of the tyrants and slaves

There is a rising anticipation in the world of extreme metal for the new Morbid Angel record that I find very entertaining. I'm not sure why but whenever people raise their hopes on something that is certain to fail them, I am really amused. False messiahs, false hopes, false heroes....whatever.
It is not surprising that in a field as shallow as the 'mainstream' of any kind of music (even death metal or whatever metal have their mainstream), people still expect great things to come by the same old tired bands that are actually in a creative and artistic coma for many years now. It's anybody's own problem choosing to lose anything exciting that might be happening today in order to consume the garbage he is being force-fed. So let the herd burn in fever for the new, probably mistakenly latin titled M.A. record (I don't speak latin and I couldn't care less but I would bet that this is not proper latin) and live for the present and future. 
The future of black and death metal lies in the underground...such was always the case and still is. Mitochondrion have crafted a monumental work of bestial yet forward thinking art with Parasignosis but the fast food modern music world has already forgotten about it just four months later. Show me someone that actually believes that the coming Morbid Angel album has a chance of topping Parasignosis and I will show you a fucking fool.
Sonne Adam is another example of a talented band coming out of nowhere and delivering an engaging and creeping form of death metal from the swamp.True, both Transformation and Parasignosis have deep and strong foundations on the older works of bands like Morbid Angel but far from just rehashing their influences they bring an aura of renewal to the game and certainly beat their influences in their own field.

It took me some listening to familiarize with the guitar sound of Possessed by the Rise of Magik but it was worth it. The third full length by Ramesses is a tortured occult journey that punishes with one hand and rewards with the other. Free from the doom/sludge/whatever genre restrictions, this is the sound of a great band's spiritual and artistic liberation. I wish I could have the knowledge, experience and talent to write more about the band but since I don't, do your pity self a fucking favour and head over to Julian Cope's lair to read a detailed and inspired review of their The Tomb EP from some years back. I should silence myself for the time being.

Reveal - Nocturne of Eyes and Teeth
Saturnalia Temple - Aion of Drakon
Autopsy - Macabre Eternal (Every rule has its filthy exception)
Integrity - Thee Destroy ORR
Εγγονόπουλος-Πουλικάκος-Socos - H Ύδρα Των Πουλιών