Saturday, 17 January 2009

Getting older and mellower?

For the past few weeks I have caught myself "enjoying" some of the so called "suicidal" or "depressive" black metal, a sub genre I always disliked and felt that it shouldn't be connected to black metal whatsoever. Should I be worried? I still think it shouldn't be called black metal as it is quite specific what bm is, not really in the musical sence but in the spiritual one.

What I really like about the suicidal etc. though, is the pessimism, nihilism and twisted darkness the music evokes. Then again this could be a stage I'm going through, and the winter is to blame.

What I could never relate to though, are the misery and self pitty of the lyrics, which are emotions I could never sympathise as they do not fit neither my spirituality nor the way I live and think. To put it short : melancholy is OK, misery isn't.

I can't think of a better example to summarize all the above than Melancholie² the last work of Germany's Coldworld. It can be a rewarding listening with all the pros and cons of the genre. Then again it could be that this is the record I've been listening while writting those words.

I really need a glass of red wine.