Thursday, 22 January 2009


This comes as a truly pleasant surprise for a genre that seems to walk towards stagnation (again). A black metal group coming from Lebanon acts like a kick in the nuts for a scene that once more, has become cliched and repetitive.

Ayat are a breath of old and moisty air for anyone that is willing to look a little further than the usual places of origin of bm. What seems to be important for me is that Ayat renewed my interest not by using any "new and innovative" aspects. What they did is dig to the roots of darkness, discover it's essence and present it with the fresh perspective of a group coming from an "exotic" place. Darkness is everywhere. Especially in troubled lands it is all the more present, much more than in wealthy, prosperous and orderly countries that use to present themselves as the "trve" kings of black metal. Ayat can laugh in those spoilt kids' face and continue their black work.

The sound is huge, dark and heavy as fuck. Besides with guitars reminding of Hellhammer you can't fail.

Six Years of Dormant Hatred comes through Moribund records. Also worth checking out is the band's Al Nabi Moujrem Moughtaseb Dajja EP that came out in 2005.