Thursday, 1 January 2009

Dead, dead, dead

Being a misanthrope by nature, I always avoided to be among many people.Hence my dislike for live concerts. It's never easy being among the masses, people that you have no respect for. I made an exception a couple of years back to attend the concert of the almighty Celtic Frost (together with Kreator). This was an experience worthy enough to make someone forget any scepticism and indulge into the mesmerizing show of the best dark, black, metal band that ever walked the surface of earth. Of course I had to leave the venue after Celtic Frost's show in order to keep my "out of this earth" state of mind, and not let Kreator ruin that for me.
This was the exception to the rule that I believe to be right: Black metal (and similar forms of music) is not mend to be played live. This is not the average "rock" music, this is not a party, this is not music to drink beers listening to.
Few are the bands that prove to be worthy enough, to bring  on stage the mysticism, darkness, occult spirit of their music. Watain seems to be the obvious example. Then again most of the bands ridicule themselves by bringing their music to the live arena. Enter Ondskapt.The ultimate example why this kind of music should be different than the average live orientated music.The videos that are uploaded on youtube (easy for everyone to find) are pretty embarrassing for a band that builded its own mythos in the scene.No more words needed. This is not black metal.A shame really, for one the best bands of recent years. Let's just hope that Ofermod will be much more careful on their coming performances.