Monday, 29 June 2009

A cockumentary

During the last years I have seen many a bad "documentaries" about black metal. None of them though is as bad as Black Metal - A documentary a film made by one Bill Zebub or something like that. Shallow as fuck, with no point at all, no concept, including irrelevant and Z-rate bands (Tristania!, Lacuna Coil!!, Grom, Korova, Dark Funeral... what the fuck?). Seriously this is rediculously bad, in fact it is totaly unacceptable. Piss off...

What is disappointing is that the flood of black metal related documentaries doesn't seem to come to an end. What is the point of this all? Why do worthy artists and individuals participate and give credibility to bellow average efforts that completely fail to even come close to the essence of black metal?

Get serious now.