Sunday, 28 June 2009

New crop from old and new breed

It was a long time till I had a look to Swedish death metal. In fact it must be over 11 or 12 years (with the exception of Kaamos' Lp's that always caught my attention). For the last couple of months there are 3 Lp's that have reinforced my interest for said scene.
These can act as a worthy antidote to today's worthless plastic death metal, so heavily endorced by the mainsteam press like Terrorrizer and co.

Necrophobic - Death to All

One of the old breed, that are still making it until today. I only have heard their first Lp The Nocturnal Silence from 1993 and then none of the rest. The band have been a little too overexposed with their new album so I gave it the almost mandatory listen. This is blackened death metal in the melodic vein of Dissection. I like it although sometimes it strikes me as a tad too easy listening for death metal and I can't help it but have the feeling that the lyrics are too naive for my taste.

Karnarium - Karnarium

A record from last year and the band that alongside Kaamos has been my favourite Swedish death metal band for the last years. Karnarium don't strike you immediately as being swedish, as Incantation's death metal is for them equally important as Entombed's. Totally recommended.

Maim - From the Womb to the Tomb

Gore themed death metal has never been my cup of tea but I can't help but recognise the sickness that this new band's debut exhales. A band that is said to be taking up Repugnant's legacy and with the obvious Autopsy reference, this is an interesting case.