Tuesday, 30 June 2009

More mediocrity

Continuing with the matter of black metal themed documentaries, here is ..... Black metal Satanica (feel free to laugh at anytime).
Not as bad as Black metal - A documentary, that would be a miracle, but nevertheless equally unimportant and even worse completely misleading.
Though it starts with a Watain track (Darkness and Death), a fine way to kick the proceedings off, what follows is total disappointment. The producer manages to spend a good 20 min. with stupid talk about the Vikings and the way the christian religion was established in Scandinavia. I hope this is the last time to stress that black metal has nothing to do with Viking or heathen beliefs. Dance around the fire or drink all the liquor you can handle, but this would make a dizzy Neadherdal but in no way a black metaler or a satanist.
And also to all our Scandinavian friends...here's some news for you. It is really irritating listening to the "proud warriors of the north" whining about how violent and brutal the Christians were towards them. Christianity established itself by force throughout all Europe. Same thing happened to my fucking country (Greece). They killed, they pillaged and most importantly destroyed monumental and unique works of art and of cultural heritage in order to erase what was. But to strive for the reestablishment of the ancient Pantheon of Olympus would be twice as ridiculous as christianity is. And again, this happened to all Europeans, don't flatter yourselves.

The rest of the film is no better as it continues to stay out of focus, with childish and shallow talking about how bad christianity is as it wages war and causes death etc. A little bit more of this bullshit and I would convert myself to a christian.

The plague of irrelevant and completely unimportant bands, strikes again. I can't imagine any person with a basic knowledge of the whereabouts of this music, creating a black metal film with interviews by bands as Vreid, Svartahrid, Rimfrost, Mordichrist or one individual that calls herself Lilith and appears talking from the shadows (o, so evil). Someone has a fucked up idea about what black metal is.

Unfortunately the (as always) excellent, focused and well thought presence of Watain's Eric Daniels, doesn't save the case as the film is already ruined by the rest of the out of place and topic bands. Also a good and interesting presence is Shining's Niklas Kvarforth with his always provocative and manipulative views. Finally worth mentioning is Ondskapt's Acerbus that does not appear often and at least represents a band that breaths the essence of this music.

As long as films keep coming, that are made by persons that are irrelevant and clueless about black metal I should realy find a better way to spend my time as I think noone has 90 minutes to through away.

Post Scriptum : For anyone interested or with a screwed up view of things ..... black metal is for the glorification of the adversary, the opening of the abominative gates of chaos. So leave your plastic hammers at home. They won't be of any help here.