Friday, 28 August 2009

The real modern fascism

Excerpt from Caϊna's myspace blog follows:

"I want to get this out there before the rumour mill really cranks up. I've been informed that a nascent witch-hunt has begun surrounding my support of Jesu in London, stating that I'm a 'nazi sympathiser' because of the split 7" release with Krieg, and thus I should be removed from the line-up. Naturally, this could not be further from the truth. As far as I am aware, Krieg are NOT an NSBM band and these rumours come from Imperials use of imagery and some old interviews. Imperial's personal views have nothing to do with me or my music. The release is something I'm extremely proud of because of the music on both sides, but that's as far as it goes. I have never discussed ideologies with any member of Krieg, and if we did whilst we MAY disagree, it would have little bearing on my involvement in the project because there are no Nazi reference whatsoever in the MUSIC. If these people would care to glance at my Metal Archives page, it states that the split with Vivid Dreams was cancelled precisely because of them turning into an NSBM band. I am a left-wing, unashamedly liberal vegetarian and animal lover who votes Liberal Democrat. I am thus pretty much as far from a 'neo nazi' as it is possible to get."

The world is going to it's fucking end. The fact that any individual has to answer and make official declarations concerning his personal beliefs political, religious or any other kind is ridiculous. The world is full of self proclaimed guardians of morality that believe they have any right to have a word to what opinion should be stated or not. Of course the fact that those people are nowadays most commonly little leftist fascists is no coincidence. Their little minds are not able to rich the conclusion that such behaviour is by nature ultimately racist and insulting against the public which they claim they try to "protect". Am I the only one that thinks that this is a direct implication that the public lacks the basic intelligence required to choose which incoming information is needed in order to form his mind, views, decisions and general personality? Personally I don't have much faith in people's abilities but for a leftist that wouldn't be a very nice thing to say.

Now, why any artist would have to answer to such stupid "accusations" is beyond me. I don't really like those "I am not a nazi" answers because in fact they justify the right of such little fascist judges to act the way they do. Why should anyone publicly declare facts that are of utterly personal nature? Why should anyone renounce his right to vote in secrecy?

I am what I choose to be and don't answer to stupid fucks that manage to dwell even under the lower common denominator.
...Viva anti fascist fascism... As we are living in 2009 and not in fucking 1938 I think those so called "anti fascist" pricks are much more dangerous than the nazi shitheads that the worst they can do is damage your leaver after intense laughing.

Fuck you all.