Saturday, 22 August 2009

A piece of Nocturnal Witchery

I just came across this one and loved it instantly. Vintersemestre was a finish band that was active from early to mid nineties. They recorded an EP (Jääverisaatana) and their only LP Kirkkokyrpä. I can't believe I never heard of them back in the day, which is a shame for someone that considers himself an underground enthusiast and maniac. This is very good black metal, nothing innovating or groundbreaking but this is not the point when talking about black metal. The band were using plenty of keyboards but they are not what dominates their sound. It is just a reminder that the band was active at the time that Emperor were reigning in the scene.
The music is dark, kind of atmospheric with excellent riffs. It should be easy to find those two releases (you know where) and make up your own mind...Blood-Fire-Satan

Changing the subject... The clock is ticking. Tom Warrior's Triptykon are in the recording process for their album. All hail to the most important figurehead of extreme dark music.