Thursday, 20 August 2009

In their power and freedom invincible

The above is the closing lyric of Sodom's Nuctemeron from Obsessed by Cruelty. Listening to that album the other day the singaporean band that took its name by said song came to my mind. Then an excavation to the old tapes territory followed. I found their first demo tape from 1988, The Unexpected (or The Unxpected as you can see above). I am sure I also had their second one but it was nowhere to be found. Surprisingly the cassete's performance was pretty decent after all these years.
The usual trip to the past came next. Nuctemeron were playing thrash/death/black metal in the vain of South American bands like Sarcofago, Vulcano and so on. These were the times when the various genres were not barricated at the extreme as they are today and the same went for the country of the bands ' origin. And it was a great joy to be able to appreciate music without considering any useless external factors.
The lyrics are misspelled and naive but this is music performed with enthusiasm, honesty, heart and soul. And this is just great.
It's a shame that bands like this never made it to a proper album, as the times were tough, the scene was not flooded with record labels and there wasn't the convenient and easy solution of the cd. To record an LP took serious balls. On second thought though, maybe it is best that such bands never recorded an album. The jewels are better hidden this way.

Current favorites include:
Nihill - Krach
Fatal - A Somber Evocation of Nihilism (another finding of recent excavations)
Griftegaard - Psalmbok
Hiems-Worship Or Die
Chalice of Blood/Arkha Sva - Split (fucking great Arkha Sva songs)
Aluk Todolo - Finsternis
Planescape:Torment (my first video game after many many years)
Reinhard Kleist - Johnny Cash graphic novel