Friday, 14 August 2009

The Tiger

Some traditional greek music for a change. To be more specific, some traditional music from the island of Crete. Ψαραντώνης is a symbolic figure and maybe the only one in this field that I deeply admire and respect. His approach to folk music is unique and passionate so that sometimes the outcome is kind of raw and heavy, so that it sounds familiar and warm to my weary ears.

Whoever is interested can download a song to have an idea here. The song is The Tiger (Η Τίγρη). There is a tiger inside me...It sinks it's teeth in my heart, it's claws in my mind, and I fight for
her and for my own good.It makes me hate whatever's good, so that I shall sing the worst of pains.
My translation is kind of vulgar but the song is overwhelming and I don't really care.
A national treasure.