Monday, 14 September 2009

Great expectations

This month is full of greatly anticipated releases for the black music. On the top of my head are Secrets of the moon's  Privilegivm, Merrimack's Grey Rigorism, The Devils Blood's The Time Of No Time Evermore, The Ruins Of Beverast's Foulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite, Griftegård's Solemn, Sacred, Severe. Also Marduk's Wormwood is an interesting case as Marduk seem to be heading in the right direction the past few years. My compatriots Acrimonious have their first LP titled Purulence out, a little while ago and I recommend it to anyone who likes (the so called) orthodox black metal. In fact Acrimonious is the most interesting greek band I've heard the last three or four years, along with Embrace of Thorns. Those are two bands that stay far away from the circus that is the greek scene.

Of course...
All of the above "expected" releases have leaked and anyone can have a listen. Still I will not comment on LP's before they are officially out. I am not against downloading, how could I be, when I grew up in the 80's with one cassette recorded again and again, with songs aired on the only extreme metal radio show that was around at the time.  For the record, nowadays 20 or so years later there is no extreme music at all in greek radio. The country is fast moving backwards and got rid of such nuisances.

Of course...
The mainstream press is going to rave about the new Immortal album. They like to promote this kind of "black metal". It is exactly the kind that suits them, as they can then slug it off as comical, cartoonish and stupid when they want to wear their judgemental mask. Those in the knowing will stay away from this grim and frostbitten joke.