Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The doves of war have cometh...

Total boredom and not in a mood to do my job, leads me to another break and a visit to my LP archives. Grand Belial's Key's Judeobeast Assasination is a fucking perfect choice to turn my mood. What a great record by an excelent band that I really miss. But they were a fascist/racist band, I hear some say. I say fuck off... Give me any band of the other side that made half good music as GBK have made and I will glorify it at the same moment. This is the best american bm band of all times and the shitheads that are murmuring about them forget to mention that their music was apolitical as bm as a genre ought to be.

Other favourites...
Svarrogh - Yer Su
Vulvark - Vulvark
Paul Chain - Park Of Reason
Fields Of The Nephilim - Mourning Sun (I get sick with the mention only of the word gothic, but this is simply the greatest occult rock band period)
Valborg - Glorification Of Pain
Inglourious Basterds by Q. Tarantino
Antichrist by L.V. Trier