Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Worthless lists

I always wandered who gives a fuck about any kind of list the bloggers post so frequently. Anyway, talking with a friend about music the other day (a topic I rarely discuss about, with others) we were trying to put our favourite groups/artists in some kind of order. I never thought seriously about it in the past, so this is what I came up with (one more list about which no one cares on the www)

Celtic Frost My favourite band of all times. They were my favourite in late 80's but  Monotheist alone would be enough for me to put them on top.

The Residents Weird, mystic, experimental, dark, haunting, genius. The only group I saw live 3 times. And I hate live gigs.

The Smiths One of the first groups I ever heard and still one of the best.

Joy Division Exactly the same as above.

Mayhem They created the best black metal album the world will ever see. I was lucky enough to correspond with Euronymous and be aware of his vision. A shame that vision died along with him.

Deathspell Omega The present and future of black metal. The new visionaries. Words will never be enough when it comes to today's black metal titans.

Diamanda Gallas Pretty much this is as far as dark music can go. 

Dead Can Dance Not just one of my favourites. They have been eye openers for me.

The Clash I can't tell too much except I loved them from the first listen. I still do.

Death I still remember the shock when I first heard Sream Bloody Gore. And then even worse with Leprocy.

That's about it. It's weird that although my favourite kind of music, since late 80's, is black metal, only 3 of the bands above fall into this category. I eat, I breath and I shit black metal but unfortunately allthough a lot of that is excellent, not many of the bands are trully monumental...Whatever.

I hope you die...AMSG