Sunday, 22 November 2009

The Devil comes from France (Satan ex Machina pt. II)

I usually avoid categorization according to a bands' country of origin. This time it is a necessary evil. It seems that, in France, there is a flood of (worthy) bands that blend the aesthetics and sonic mayhem of industrial with the ones of black metal. Some records that guaranty a journey to hell, coming from french bands.

Alien Deviant Circus - Satanic Djihad

Starting with my personal favourite in terms of musical, aesthetic, artistic and philosophical competence. This is a complete offering and for me this record serves as the definition of "industrial black metal". Raw, cruel, punishing, pitch black. Words cannot do justice to this record. Absolutely essential.
Also worth checking out is the related project NekronoiZ.

Blacklodge - Solarkult
 Following close is the second LP from Blacklodge. This one refined and perfected their style that first appeared on the debut Login:SataN. More mechanical, less blastbeasts, more sickness, less conventionality. Unsettling rhythms attack all over. No escape. Die.
Diapsiquir - Virus STN

A fucking masterpiece. Total insanity, mostly represented by the amazing vocals that leave no place for hope. Satan is here, you are doomed. Extra credits to the sickening baby cries in Génération Maudite, Pénétration Interdite. Noone can sleep well after listening to this monster of a record. Mandatory.

Puritas Virginum - Décénie de Souffrance 

Strange and pretty hard to swallow release. Industrial, darkwave, black metal blended and not blended. Worth a listening but should be shorter.

Reverence - Chamber of Divine Elaboration 

Reverence stand out because of the quality of their music and their capability to create dark atmospheres with minimum use of electronics. Slow rythms, some resemblance with Blut aus Nord but not as experimental and progressive. Reverence choose a different path than most of the bands that have been referred here. Like slow poison...

Spektr - Near Death Experience 

 This seems like an attempt to create cinematic, disturbing, horror filled music. I liked both their albums and their Mescalyne EP, but I tend to like this one more. Feel the pain.

Terrodrown - Colonize and Regulate 

I only recently heard the band and I just listened to the LP 3 or 4 times. My first impression is positive enough to mention it here. Requires more attention but is definitely worth checking out.

Third part will follow...

Over and out.