Sunday, 15 November 2009


I don't usually like to write about record labels and foretell about their releases with the exception of whatever comes from the camp of Norma Evangelium Diaboli/End All Life, as their releases are of guaranteed and unparalleled quallity.
So End All Life shall already have out the new Drastus MCD/MLP titled Serpent's Chalice - Materia Prima as of the November the 13th, the day before yesterday. The record will be distributed by NoEvDia.
This should be an interesting release as I found Drastus' earlier works to be of very high quality and rather underrated. I strongly recommend to anyone that is unaware of the french artist, to find all his previous three works, the From the Womb of Ferocious 3-way split, the Roars From the Old Serpent's Paradise LP, and the Taphos EP.

Listening to:
Mordor - Csejthe
Medieval Death - Moments of Silence

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