Sunday, 22 November 2009

Satan ex machina

The mixing of traditional black metal techniques with industrial ones. Possibly the future of black metal? Some records that I find interesting or even essential. More parts are going to follow.

Diabolos Rising - 666 
If I recall right this was my first encounter with such a hybrid. With members of Necromantia and Impaled Nazarene, this was released in 1994. Sick, disturbing, hammering the listener without mercy. Two years later the second album Blood, Vampirism, Sadism was equally good but more of an electro case than the debut. Then they changed their name to Raism but I didn't really follow them.

The Axis of Perdition - Deleted Scenes from the Transition Hospital
A constant feeling of urban decay, harsh and distorted guitars and vocals, ambient sounds that freeze the blood. The nightmare that begun with The Ichneumon Method (And Less Welcome Techniques) and continued with  Physical Illucinations in the Sewer of Xuchilbara (The Red God) reached it's climax here.Totaly fucking recommended.

 Samael - Passage 
Being a fun of Samael from their first demo in '87 up to their more than classic and essential Worship Him debut, their transformation to an electro metal entity was hard to swallow. Nevertheless their 4th album crowned the first period of this process that started with Ceremony of Opposites, with a crown that glows for almost thirteen years now. If only their following works were of the same stellar quality.

Semargl - Manifest
Third album by the Ukranian band. Their first attempts were decent yet fairly standard affairs. This one is a completely different beast. There aren't many electronic influences on Manifest but there is a cold, mechanical, precise execution that proves that the use of blimp-blomps is not always necessary.

The following two records does not fall in the same category as the previous ones but are personal favorites that I cannot ignore...

 Coroner - Grin 
The closing chapter of the great Swiss band was a criminaly overlooked and underestimated album. Less of a platform for their technical abilities, more of an atmospheric/industrial case. All the same, a work of a genious. How could an average thrash metal fan appreciate it?
The machine is roaring and is full of soul.

 Apollyon Sun - Sub 
I have admitted my admiration for Tom Gabriel's work several times. This record, his industrial incarnation, could not be left out. His interest in such fields was evident from his earlier works (remember One in Their Pride).
Worth checking out even just out of curiosity.

Second part follows soon.

Over and out.