Monday, 25 January 2010

The idiocy manual

The above picture is a scan of a letter published in Terrorizer magazine (issue 189, click on the picture to view it in all its glory). The letter is written by a reader seeking guidance on how to know when a band is a NSBM one. 'Blessed are the feeble-minded' I believe mr Jesus once said. If this is so, then a blessed individual this reader is. Because one needs to be an imbecile in order not to be able to tell the difference between oranges and cars. Or a nazi band and any other band for that matter.
More interesting though, are the directions given, as an answer by the magazine. I think a reading of the text would be enough for anyone to draw his own conclusions, so I will restrict myself to a couple of comments.
Firstly the magazine leaves to the readers' initiative any decision about what to do 'with the suspected nazi fuckwit metal'. I guess some would appreciate the freedom given and should all thank the magazine for giving them the right to think for themselves. But what about the herd? Why leave them with no directions in the dark?
I will skip the description of the proper nazi or right wing fuckwit in general. I will also skip the 'it is not of any importance if a band denies such accusations' part. The part I find most interesting is the one were is stated that a band is a suspected nazi one, when it makes 'recurring complaints about political correctness and censorship'. Got it? Jawohl Herr Commandant.  
Said letter was awarded 'letter of the month' and won a t-shirt. A small earthly reward for the feeble-minded ones until their lord judges them.

With ears and mind open wide...
Weltenfeind by Grand Belial's Key, Absurd and Sigrblot
Paganuclear by Pantheon (Achtung...those two records are 'suspected to be nsbm' and should be burnt in the pits of leftist hell)
Which I Hope To  Live For by The Ocean Doesn't Want Me
Mikalp Khis Bia Ozongon by Winter Funeral & Arkha Sva
Bénis Les Ténèbres, Ô Mon Âme by  Winter Funeral
Der Teufelsbund by Charnel Winds