Thursday, 14 January 2010

The 3 (+1) best doom albums of the last year

Griftegård - Solemn, Sacred, Severe

Classic doom metal with religious and spiritual concept at its best. Excellent heavy riffs, slow drumming, everything seems to be in place. What makes the album take off though, are the great vocals. Whether they are mournful or chanted, they are the most characteristic point of the record, a reference point that perfectly incarnates the spiritual vision of the band. Best song, among equals, Charles Taze Russell that opens the album with a ceremonial vibe that engulfs you from the first notes. If this one doesn't grab you, don't go on listening any are probably not worthy of this creation.

YOB - The Great Cessation

Unbelievably heavy, completely oppressive doom from the bowels of hell. Great vocals that work on many different layers are also present here. Don't let the 'stoner' tag fool you. This is insanely dark doom metal, at times creating a claustrophobic atmosphere, at other times a feeling of desperation and finally a feeling of anger that leaves no place for escape. How can you escape when the walls and the ceiling are closing in on you?

Zoroaster - Voice of Saturn 

I enjoyed their Dog Magic when it was released very much, but this one is a completely different beast. While Dog Magic was excellent filthy doom, this one keeps the foundation and is being expanded to so many different directions that demand your full attention in order not to lose any of the details that paint the palette of the record. Spacey, psychedelic, tribal yet dirty and filthy doom that reeks of sulphur. Tom Warrior said that Zoroaster sound like 'a modern incarnation of Hellhammer'. That says a lot...and there are plenty more.
A band and a record that definitely needs to be fully explored.

The Devil's Blood - The Time of no Time Evermore

Not a doom metal band but one that could draw parallels with the above mentioned ones and a record that is so brilliant that Satan would not want it to be neglected. A band that is 'old school' and at the same time so fresh. A voice with huge confidence that preaches the word of the Lord and at the same time is not afraid to be sensual. All in  all this is occult rock and what's more important, it is flooded with inspiration and vision as if it is touched by Satan's hand.