Monday, 4 January 2010

Atrocity exhibition

An interesting feature is up on concerning the old days of death and black metal. First, a kind of an exhibition of some old zines, including some of historic value, dating from the mid 80's to the mid 90's titled “Morbid Scriptorium: A Museum of Metal Zines”. This almost brings tears to eyes as it reminds to the elders the days of xeroxed artwork, the sometimes confusing layout, the broken english and every other little detail that is indicative of the burning passion of an individual that desired to be an active part of the underground.
Second, a 'conversation' with some of the individuals responsible for some of those zines under the title “Pages of Pure Fucking Damnation: Zines in the Death Metal Underground”.
Contrary to what the kiddies believe the internet was not always with us. There was a time that to be into the underground took serious devotion and required a serious amount of time and money. Seems like a totally different universe, compared to what is happening today, with every retarded typing 'Abigor time is the sulfur blogspot' on google in order to find a download of whatever is new. Modern times bring convenient tools but this is a fact that also attracts a considerable amount of human garbage that are like parasites on the corpse of (whatever is considered) today's underground.

All in all the above is a really interesting feature that should be approached with the respect it deserves.
Leeches stay away.

Necromass - Chrysalis' Gold
Azaghal - Teraphim
IC Rex - Vedenjakaja
Gravehill - Rites Of The Pentagram
Diamanda Galas - Defixiones, Will and Testament