Saturday, 27 February 2010

7 inches of shivering

I remember I used to love 7'' EPs. They were collectables, they were a more sophisticated and charming way of introducing a band's work than a demo, they were limited. In general the whole thing showed devotion and that deserves to be rewarded. My interest in collecting 7''s lasted until late 90's. It was then, that my interest and active involvement with the underground came to an end. These days I don't really care so much about such things. Maybe it is because although my interest for the underground is rejuvenated, there is no active involvement. There is no time nor will to pursue little gems, like it used to be.
Trying to rearrange my record collection the other day, I found some of those 7'' little records that I haven't seen for quite some time. Three or four of them were of special importance for me, for various different reasons.

Morbid Angel - Thy Kingdom Come 
 This was made for distribution with Splattermaniac zine and contained two of the tracks from the demo with the same title. I remember I first heard it on a tape copy somewhere around 1989 and I was searching for the original pressing for some years after. I only obtained it in 1995 when a guy that had lost interest in death metal accepted to trade it asking me Monumentum's In Absentia Christi (basically a lazy guy that was bored of going to the record shop and buy a copy of his own).
Thy Kingdom Come is one of Morbid Angels three best songs and on this 7'' it is far superior than on the remake on Blessed are the Sick.

Asphyx - Mutilating Process  
 I followed Asphyx since their second demo tape (Enter the Domain). Especially the Crush the Cenotaph tape was an amazing work of doom-death that had me crushed. It didn't warn me though about the majesty that was the Mutilating Process EP. It is still my favourite Asphyx recording, a haunting, heavy as fuck and more compact than a wall of steel attack that makes me feel sorry for the ones that never heard it. 

Thou Art Lord / Ancient Rites split
A nice little disk that had me charmed from the first glance, mainly due to the occult aesthetic. A classic Thou Art Lord track on one side, Ancient Rites on their most dark and occult incarnation on the other. This is blessed by Satan.
There are several more 7'' records that are important to me. Maybe I shall return to the subject soon. Maybe not. You don't care but I don't mind either.