Sunday, 7 February 2010


I am one of those stubborn bastards that believe that Rotting Christ's best work is still their Satanas Tedeum demo tape from 1989. Dark, heavy and extremely brutal, bearing the signs of their (then) recent transformation from a grindcore band to a black metal force. The next best thing they created was their previous LP the monstrous Theogonia. I am waiting with interest the new album Aealo which is said to be heavily based on greek traditional music, especially from the region of Epirus, a region that bears some of the best and most mournful greek traditional music. It is not by chance that Epirus is the part of greece where mythology places the entrance to the underworld. I am not that fond of the big or 'mainstream' black metal productions but Rotting Christ is a force I would truly support.
Besides it is a real joy to see that greece's most exportable music 'product' is a band with that abominable name. This should seem like a curse to a conservative, close minded, god fearing, fucked up community like the greek one. ΕΛΛΑΣ ΕΑΛΩ. Thank Satan for that.
More on the record soon. A first comment though is that the cover artwork leaves a lot to be desired.

Bleeding ears...
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