Thursday, 25 February 2010


I was speaking with a friend of mine the other day and he told me that he thought I misjudged Burzum's record. As I believe he is not the only one, I will take the opportunity to clear some things about this little blog.
First of all I am no judge so I cannot misjudge anything. I just post my opinion and for the specific record I think it is no better than any average black metal album one can listen to, today. It's not bad. It is just mediocre...which is worse than bad.
Furthermore this is not a page that claims to be any fucking webzine. I hate WEBzines. Give me a printed fanzine anytime. I am not a journalist so my opinion has not any importance of such nature. I have no relationship with no record labels, so all the music I write about is cds or lps that I have purchased myself. Nothing is given to me for free.
All in all this is just a personal space I use in order to get certain things out of my system and to express my feelings about music mainly. The opinion of others is of no importance to me. Exchange of opinions does not interest me, hence the absence of the comments feature. In all honesty I hope this blog continues to stay out of the radar of the masses. I don't have any desire for many visitors. I am antisocial by nature and I don't think highly of the majority of humans, so the lesser the better. 

I hope this clears things up.

PS: I see that my 'favourite' Terrorizer magazine features Burzum (again) on the cover of the last issue. It seems that boycott and censorship of 'suspiciously' fascist artists is important but not as important as the urge to sell some copies more. It's perfectly understandable...we are living in times of economical crisis after all. You can censor an underground band like Italy's Janus and don't harm your sales. But a high profile band like Burzum is a totally different case. Well done.

Vorkreist - Sickness Sovereign 
Vesaeleth - Crypt Born & Tethered To Ruin
Darkthrone - Sardonic Wrath
Master's Hammer - Mantras

Julius Evola - Metafisica del Sesso

I hope you Die...