Saturday, 20 February 2010

Time for the false myths to end

Arguably Burzum have been an important part of the second wave of black metal both in terms of music and general behaviour. As long as the music goes, Burzum was never one of my favourites - not even close. There's no denying though that the guy had started a sub category of black metal all by himself. His beliefs and behaviour though is another debate. As much as I enjoyed the mind games he was playing with the mainstream press in the mid 90's, there's no doubt that it's a moron we're talking about. And as is usually the case, a moron is often being idolized and followed by complete imbeciles, making things even worse. Rest assured that my scepticism about his views and beliefs are of no ethical nature. It is just that they lack any intelligence and basic knowledge of history and philosophy.

The new record is soon to be released and the hype is growing stronger every day. Of course it has leaked to the internet and I sadly succumbed to my curiosity and downloaded it. The record is viewed as Burzum's return to its metal incarnation leaving the days of ridiculous ambient behind. The lyrical concept deals with Belus or the 'white god' or blah blah...anyway, I couldn't care less. So I will elaborate a little bit more on the musical side of the record. Which is supposed to be a return to the style of old, until Filosofem. The problem is that what seemed unique and charming in 95, is dated and boring in 2010. The guitars try to sound moody and create an ambient atmosphere, using the known trick of repetition, but they fail in both. The vocals that used to add a rare tortured feeling are now plain, ordinary black metal vocals lacking the soul they used to have. All in all, the well of inspiration seems to have dried out. Not a great surprise, as we are talking about a guy that has been all talk for so many years now. It's time for his false myth to collapse. Vikernes says that he doesn't want this record to be associated with black metal. Of course Belus is not black metal...but not because he says so.
Needles to say that I listened to Belus ten or eleven times in the past couple of days and it is already deleted from my hard drive. A needless burden.

On the contrary...
Ash Pool - For Which He Plies The Lash
Kawir - To Uranus (the three new tracks are awesome)
Abhorrer - Zygotical Sabbatory Anabapt
Dodsengel - Mirium Occultum
Denouncement Pyre - Under the Aegis of Damnation