Sunday, 14 February 2010

Speak of the Devil

 I avoid reading interviews. Few are the bands or artists that can back their art with a strong vision and clear views or better a philosophical stance about their work and life in general. Most commonly, black metal bands have few things to say and usually, the more they talk, the more they expose an ignorant and shallow self. 
There are of course the exceptions of bands that have the knowledge, intelligence and vision and whose interviews are totally worth reading, provided that the interviewer has a basic knowledge of the topics that are discussed and an average IQ, so that he doesn't destroy the conversation.

An example of a worth reading interview is an almost three years old one with Abigor. Does it seem 'old' to anyone? The point is that it is not dated at all, as it revolves around matters that don't have to do with dull and shallow stupid topics like useless trivia about the latest album, band members coming and going etc. That's another important point characteristic of a good interview (at least in my opinion). Can you read it again and again? Can you read it some years later and will the subjects discussed be still relevant?
Furthermore said interview is a rare case as I find myself agreeing 100% with the views expressed by Abigor and it is the first time that I find another individual expressing views exactly the way (even in the same words) I would do. 
The interview was published in Imhotep and it comes in three parts. You can read it here...part 1, part 2, part 3.